Brightroll is..well, on a roll. Their latest quarter numbers show why they have become the third-largest property tracked by ComScore (behind Google and FOX), and the only ad network in the top ten.

ComScore Video Metrix Key Measures Report Top Video Properties – May 2009

Rank Property
Total Internet | Total Unique Viewers 150,299 | Viewer Penetration (%)100.0
#1 Google sites | 103,865 Total Unique Viewers | 69.1% Viewer Penetration
#2 Fox Interactive Media | 57,083 Total Unique Viewers | 38.0% Viewer Penetration
#3 BrightRoll | 51,250 Total Unique Viewers | 34.1% Viewer Penetration

Heap on top of that some numbers from the second quarter of 2009 and you can see why they are there. For starters, revenue is up 217% over the first quarter (WOW!) and both RFPs and RFP $ volume are up (74% and 45% respectively).

While the price of a pre-roll ad is down 10.4% versus the second quarter of last year (most likely a combination of factors), it is up 3.1% from last quarter and they expect prices to continue a generally downward trend which they believe is inevitable.

Another trend Brightroll is citing is the split in campaign budgets. What used to just be branded media buys are now beginning to incorporate performance buys as well. While most brand video is utilizing pre-roll (up 4.3% vs. Q1) they say that performance based buys are using less but did not specify where those performance buys are going.

Brightroll recently released Performance Pricing in answer to market demand. The new pricing options include a variety of engagement and performance-based ad options like cost per completed video, cost per engagement, and cost per click. These should certainly attract some new advertisers to the network and perhaps set a new precedent that could shake up the entire market.

Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of Brightroll, has been quoted as saying they closed a couple $1 Million plus deals last year and this year they’re expecting a minimum of three. That’s certainly an optimistic outlook.

If you remember, earlier this year Brightroll also launched Video Impact to track and measure online video impact on retail sales. Innovations like this and the new Performance Pricing options could keep Brightroll ahead of the pack for some time to come, just so long as they don’t get too comfortable with their lead over their competition.