Good old Tod Sacerdoti (not as in old but as in good old Tod) and the folks at Brightroll are at it again. This time they’ve improved on an area where many people say is holding online video advertising back and in which it is lacking, targeting. Personally I think video ads online are better targeted than TV, print and radio, but hey, what do I know? I’ll tell you what I know, Brightroll is, according to comScore, the third most popular video property on the web and that a good third of web watchers (video viewers?) will see an ad from the top ranked online video ad network. So stuff that in your hat and smoke it while I get the rest of this information together.

The new feature, behavior targeting of video ads, will be able to specifically hit people with a mortgage bank ad if they happen to be looking to buy a house, or with automotive ads if they’re in the market for a new car. How does Brightroll know? They’re pulling data from several sources including NextActioneXelate, and BlueKai – all of which are purchasing behavior tracking, demographics and web surfing analytics and intent data aggregators (that’s a new one to me in fact) respectively. That means that they’re compiling a lot of data across a lot of platforms and will probably have some idea of who’s been browsing online car dealerships and who’s been checkingout the realty section of the local newspaper.

Mr. Sacerdoti recently stated that they believe 20% of video ads will be behaviorally targeted within the next 18 months (VentureBeat). They certainly will if BrightRoll has anything to say about it apparently.

The fact that Tod and the team at BrightRoll have pulled out behavior targeting is no big surprise, they’ve been working on it for some time and it’s certainly a major value ad for online video advertisers. We already have statistics that say video ads are more effective than text, image and even Flash, so now they will only become more effective over time as targeting gets laser-like accuracy. Well demographically speaking. Now if you’re one of the many 18-29 year-old males who loves your video games and comic books you can bet your Xbox 360 library you’re going to start seeing more and more ads that will be of higher and higher interest to you during your online video watching. I wonder if they’ll be able to target 38-year-old male Americans living in the Czech Republic with the proper ads as well…