Brightroll has expressed their love for us in emails. When it’s something so important like fighting click fraud, everyone needs to be informed. Adometry is offering CPC Ad Analytics technology which provides immediate relief from click fraud headaches for ad networks and their advertisers, with the added benefit of detailed click scoring for managing traffic quality.That is a rather hefty task they are involved in and their service uses sophisticated algorithms and intelligence from advertisers to identify the vast majority of invalid or fraudulent clicks and scores. The Adometry platform tackles the problem of click fraud by analyzing the attributes of every single click to score click traffic in real-time.

The collaboration provides tremendous visibility into the quality of a publisher’s inventory and “reach” by analyzing the validity of each individual click, and uses the information to optimize campaigns and increase conversion rates.

Soon BrightRoll and the BrightRoll Exchange users will be able to identify click fraud and begin eliminating it. BRX is the only video advertising exchange to offer this service. If hard pressed I could probably only name three come to think of it, video advertising exchanges I mean, not click fraudsters.

“BrightRoll has announced five new partnerships this year alone because we’re determined to raise the bar for all players and call out any sites that hinder industry or advertiser performance,” said BrightRoll CEO Tod Sacerdoti. “With Adometry, we’re helping advertisers identify which sites drive the greatest value for their brand, while protecting them from the industry’s dishonest publishers.”

Adometry joins a key set of industry partnerships and verification tools like DoubleVerify and AdXpose, which BrightRoll uses to ensure the accuracy and delivery of its ads all of which are adding more and more value to the Brightroll and BRX offerings and making them a stronger and stronger contender for your online video advertising campaigns.