Brightroll is working to expand its reach and yours as advertisers. Today they announced a new partnership with adBrite that will bring their real-time bidding on pre-roll ads to the display exchange. Since adBrite is large, like second place behind Google large, this is a big move. Brightroll’s BRX Media Buying Platform will help power the deal and give advertisers automated access to an increased pool of video ad inventory. But what’s that all really mean?

adBrite already offers pre-roll and in-banner video placement in their exchange. So the addition of Brightroll is really a benefit to the Brightroll user base as it gives a wider audience and better reach in one place. Since both are VAST and VPAID compliant it means that your ads will easily port to the wide range of sites in the exchange.

This isn’t the first convergence of display and video advertising and I doubt it will be the last, since video ads have been shown to be more effective than other types of advertising and research shows that video ad spend online is set to continue growing. This deal really allows Brightroll users an easier way to reach a large set of publisher websites that have already been vetted by adBrite.

The deal also benefits adBrite publishers by giving them more advertisers who will be vying to get their ads placed on the publisher sites. That means higher potential fill rates and better ad rates overall.

One of my expected trends for video advertising in 2011 was in fact real-time bidding becoming a more important part of the online video advertising process. It would seem that Brightroll and adBrite agree with me on this one as they both had their own in the past and have simply agreed to work together providing the clients with a larger pool from which to draw upon.