Tod Sacerdoti just recently announced that Brightroll would bankroll $1 million for industry research. Oddly and independently, Mark and I were just talking about getting into the industry research business. I smell a plan percolating in my head. Until that becomes a fresh-brewed cup of awesome, we’ll have to just tell you about Brightroll’s plan.We write a lot about Brightroll, that’s because they’re a major player in the big league of online video, so we have to. Of course, when it’s something like this, it’s almost a pleasure to write about it. I was just bemoaning the fact that online video research is horrible as each outlet does their own thing and then reports such cryptic numbers that you need an army of number crunchers (or hours of my time) to wring forth the one drop of interesting info from it. That is what prompted the discussion between Mark and I about starting up some new research offerings here.

Anyway, back to Brightroll proper. They have committed more than $1 million this year to help advance market and innovation research and will collaborate with comScore to implement comScore’s AdEffx Campaign Essentials Dashboard to optimize online video campaigns on the fly for maximum advertiser impact and ROI. The BrightRoll Exchange platform is the first to provide comScore’s third-party validation on every campaign so that advertisers can be sure their messages are reaching the intended audience.

What this will all do is give Brightroll users a wider view of their advertising efforts using measurements that advertisers are accustomed to across offline mediums like print and TV. This will include rich detail on campaign performance, including demographic and geographic ad delivery.

BrightRoll’s collaboration with comScore will drive greater campaign ROI by providing advertisers:

*The insight needed to optimize campaigns using in-flight campaign data and performance analytics for improved audience targeting

*Third-party verification from comScore, ensuring ad delivery to the intended audience and geography (DMA) to drive reach and frequency goals

*Access to digital GRP “overnights,” which enables media planners to make comparisons to offline campaign spend

What they then need to do is hire an outside third-party, like us, to analyze all that research and create some actually useful snapshots on what the industry is doing trend-wise for online video advertising in regards to all of those metrics. Gee, am I coming on too strong in this one Mark? Shameless self-promotion, that’s what I’m all about.