Brightcove has been a trusted provider of video hosting, distribution, and monetization for publishers and brands for several years. This morning, at their Brightcove Play 2011 conference, CEO and founder, Jeremy Allaire, unveiled a new product aimed at giving publishers the same kind of customizable solution for mobile applications and touchscreen device content.

The Brightcove App Cloud Platform

The web is rapidly expanding beyond HTML websites and video. Smartphones, tablets, and other inventive devices have created new kinds of content and new ways for users to interact with that content. But traditional website development doesn’t take advantage of these new capabilities. This new product is Brightcove’s solution to that problem. It’s called App Cloud, and it is essentially a development platform for all kinds of new and emerging content. This includes mobile apps as well as mobile websites designed for a touchscreen interface.

From the Brightcove release:

Audiences are increasingly discovering, consuming, sharing, and creating content through installable apps and touch Web experiences on smartphones, tablet devices and emerging new platforms such as Internet-connected televisions. Media companies and marketers are struggling with the cost and complexity of delivering and managing great content experiences across all these new platforms. App Cloud represents the emergence of a new kind of integrated solution designed to address these challenges: the content app platform.

Brightcove believes that there is a distinct and unique future for both native mobile apps as well as touch-web experiences, and App Cloud will let publishers develop for both experiences with or without a strong IT resource. Developers using App Cloud will find a suite of tools like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and the proprietary App Cloud SDK at their disposal for creating function-rich content. The App Cloud SDK also allows access to JavaScript component libraries that allow for things like accessing to native device capabilities.

AppCloud also boasts:

  • Content Connectors that provide universal connectivity to content stored in existing Web content management systems, online video platforms, blogs, photo-sharing services, and custom systems that support open APIs.
  • Content Optimization Services that offer a high performance user experience over limited bandwidth connections by synchronizing, transcoding, caching, and delivering content.
  • Actionable Analytics that facilitate ongoing business optimization by closely tracking installations, usage time, and other analytics.
  • Intelligent Push Services that facilitate cross platform delivery of native push notifications to users based on geographic locale to engage users with timely, relevant information.
  • Account Administration Services for centrally managing system users, templates, content connections, and apps.

Existing AppCloud Example – LifeTime’s Army Wives

This was developed using the beta version of App Cloud and includes features like: Twitter feed, TV schedule, cast profiles, video and more.  You can download the app here.

Conclusion – Brightcove App Cloud – HUGE

Don’t let the standard press-release language fool you… this is huge news, at least for Brightcove. App Cloud is a bold new endeavor that aims to extend Brightcove’s reach well beyond the world of video. Of course, there’s an awful lot of video content being developed for touchscreen devices and mobile apps, so it’s not like this is a huge reach into an entirely new field for them. But it’s telling that part of App Cloud’s release includes the rebranding of Brightcove’s video platform to Video Cloud. Brightcove has essentially changed its stripes overnight, changing from a video platform into a cloud development and hosting platform.

It’s not the world’s first app development system, but it’s the first to come from a company with the size, reach, and reputation that Brightcove has. My guess is it will do very well indeed, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Here’s a video of the keynote that was streamed live today at the Brightcove Play conference where Jeremy Allaire announced this new product (you’ll want to seek to about 12:20).  There is a ton of great information about the product in the video below: