Brightcove and 5min Media (part of AOL) have strengthened their relationship to give Brightcove users access to the entire 5min video library. If you have a Pro of Enterprise account at Brightcove, you can now publish 5Min content through your dashboard and participate in upcoming advertising revenue-sharing opportunities as a publisher.

“Together with 5min Media, we are giving thousands of customers around the world instant access to premium content that can also easily be monetized, making it easier for these organizations to expand their video initiatives and reach new audiences,” said David Mendels, President and Chief Operating Officer at Brightcove.

I have to wonder though, does it really do anything from an SEO perspective? It’s all pretty much recycled content at that point and while it gives your users some new reasons to return to the site, I wonder how Google will view that for search engine results ranking etc.

5min Media’s library consists of hundreds of thousands of videos across 20 categories and more than 140 sub-categories from some of the world’s largest media companies as well as the most innovative independent producers.

I suppose that it couldn’t really hurt your overall efforts to offer users content and get more traffic. Plus, if there are rev-share opportunities on the content then you can also generate some extra revenue, not to mention all the companion advertisements that you would likely run on the pages where you’re publishing their content.