Brightcove put out the newest major release of their online video platform. As I’ve been immersed in several different OVPs of late I was looking forward to all of the new features that they’ve got going here and I’m going to try and get in, get my hands dirty and report back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s the general announcement details.Brightcove 5 features a whole slew of new features that are aimed at making your workflow more productive in regards to your online video endeavors.

Brightcove 5 New Distribution Features

YouTube Sync: Distribution and synchronization with YouTube enables customers to rapidly expand their online audience by automatically pushing video content and descriptive metadata simultaneously to their websites and to YouTube, all in a single click. Additionally, any updates made to those designated videos in the Brightcove system are then automatically updated and synced in YouTube.

Apple HTTP Streaming: Integrated Apple HTTP streaming support enables powerful multi-bitrate video delivery for Apple iOS devices, including high quality long-form video experiences viewable over 3G or Wi-Fi connections.

Enhanced Mobile SDK: Enhanced versions of Brightcove App SDKs for iOS and Android provide everything organizations need to successfully deliver mobile apps that include video playback, playlist navigation, long-form content viewing, email and Twitter sharing and outstanding full-screen tablet experiences. Brightcove 5 also introduces a functionally complete Apple iPad reference app as an advanced starting point for creating immersive iPad video viewing experiences.

Brightcove 5 Measuring and Analytics Updates

Expanded Analytics: Brightcove 5 introduces more than a dozen powerful new reports, including player level metrics, top referring search terms, top domains where content is embedded, global viewer attention span, city level geographic reports, and detailed information on end user browser, operating system, and software capabilities. These state of the art capabilities make it even easier for Brightcove customers to track progress and adapt their content and distribution strategies to achieve greater success.

Advanced Analytics for HTML5: Developed in partnership with TubeMogul, Brightcove 5 introduces new advanced analytics for HTML5 video experiences that make it possible to aggregate analytics for both HTML5 and Flash video experiences across browsers and mobile devices.  These new uniform analytics eliminate one of the most painful compromises associated with deployment of HTML5 video, delivering comprehensive insight into online video performance for the first time.

Live HD and DVR: Integrated multi-bitrate HD live streaming support based on Akamai HD technology offers fast startup time, smooth playback, and high resolution HD viewing for major live events. Additionally, new live DVR player controls enable viewers to rewind during live events and jump back to the live stream in a seamless fashion. Combined with complete advertising support and compatibility with professional grade streaming solutions, Brightcove customers now enjoy scalable, high quality live streaming suitable for even the most demanding online events.

Speeding up your Online Video Projects

Cross Platform Smart Players: Brightcove Smart Players enable customers to create and customize video players once using a single design tool and a variety of player templates and use a single standard embed code to deliver both Flash and HTML5 video experiences. The Smart Player detects the capabilities of the viewing device and automatically renders a styled, branded video player that functions properly in the environment. This ability to apply styling and customization across platforms is unique in the industry.

Video Upload Acceleration: Out-of-the-box upload acceleration tools help Brightcove Pro and Enterprise customers bring content to market up to 20 times faster, regardless of file size, through integration with file transfer acceleration technology from Aspera.  This technology is accessible through a convenient browser plug-in or through dedicated desktop or server-based software from Aspera.

Mobile Video Upload App for iPhone: Field reporters and other remote users can utilize a convenient iPhone app to shoot, edit, and securely upload video content to their Brightcove account from anywhere.

The Take Away

mmm... Chinese foodI think one of the key features for the whole thing is the YouTube synchronization which can really help speed things along. I personally stopped using the Gamers Daily News YouTube channel as it’s cumbersome. I have to upload to GDN and then to YouTube which is time-consuming and then if I make changes I have to again do that same thing. These new features in Brightcove 5 could certainly save you some time and allow you to get your videos to the viewers faster.

Not only that, but those updated analytics could be the difference between you hitting the mark with  your online video endeavors and missing it by a wide margin. The fact that it was developed with TubeMogul is very exciting for me as I am very much a fan of their InPlay analytics right now. More information is always better and if this works in both Flash and HTML5 then it might be just about the complete package.  Plus, it starts at just $99 a month for 50 videos, 40GB ($199 if you want white label players) which might be steep in comparison to basic web services (the GDN Virtual Private Server is $60 a month) , but you get a pretty robust and complete package from the look of things. Like I said, I’m hopefully going to dive deeper into all this new stuff and come out the other side with a really nice article on it.

One final thing that they aren’t putting up as a centerpiece is their 508 compliant players. What’s that you ask? Remember when I talked about online video perhaps going to need closed captions in the future? Yeah, that. The Section 508-compliant player that Brightcove 5 offers means that you instantly have screen reader accessibility, keyboard control and closed captioning. Brightcove players can display closed captioning files in the DFXP format and we provide tools for developers to build CC plugins for timed text authoring. So there’s yet another reason to try out Brightcove 5, especially if you’ve got video that was aired on TV and now online because that is going  to be mandatory soon.

You can check out Brightcove 5 yourself for 30-days free. They don’t require a credit card, so you can sign up and not worry about automatically recurring billing a la AOL of old.

Kung Pao! I’m out!