Many international companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, The Coca Cola Company, Nestlé or MacDonald’s, operate successfully in Spain. All of them invest considerable money on marketing and advertising for the Spanish market with excellent results: top-of-mind brands and bestseller products. But in terms of video marketing, what is their approach to the Spanish market? How do they engage with Spanish consumers?

Coca Cola and the Spanish Market

The Coca Cola Company is a great example of how international companies create specific marketing campaigns aimed at local markets. Indeed, they really care about Spanish consumers because their flagship brand, Coca-Cola, it’s by far the strongest soda drink in terms of market share.

Benditos Bares (“Holy Pubs”), for example, was a campaign exclusively created for the Spanish market. Here in Spain pubs, coffee shops and restaurants have been in the heart of our social and cultural life for many, many years, and this is the reason why under the slogan incorporates the words “La red social más grande se llama bar” – “the biggest social network is the pub”. The Coca Cola Company wanted to celebrate those typical Spanish places that are so important in our culture. Commercials from the Benditos Bares campaign went viral pretty soon, and the most viewed and shared was this one:

Most of the times The Coca Cola Company caters for the Spanish market by creating commercials with the same slogans and look and feel as their big international campaigns, but shot in Spain with Spanish actors and actresses. Through the “Magic Pills” campaign, they wanted people to be aware of how important is doing exercise in order to be healthy and slim, fighting against obesity:

El cajero de la felicidad (“The happiness ATM”) is the Spanish version of the big viral “Coca-Cola Happiness Machine” commercial

MacDonald’s and Local Spanish Video Marketing

McDonald’s marketing strategy for Spain is more or less the same. Most of their campaigns are specifically created for the Spanish market. In this commercial about the brand new Grand Extrem Burger, they highlight the fact that burgers are made of beef from Extremadura (a Spanish region) showing that, although McDonald’s is an American company, it cares about Spain and uses Spanish products in the meals.

Unilever took a different marketing strategy with their viral video Dove Real Beauty Sketches. They didn’t create specific content for the Spanish market but just added Spanish subtitles.

By contrast, Procter & Gamble did not localize at all their video, Thank You, Mum, created for the Olympics Winter Games 2014 in Sochi, and still it went viral in Spain in a few days.

If companies create great content, they will get Spanish consumers engaged, no matter how it’s made or the original language. At the end of the day, the most important thing is touching the heart; and language of emotions is the same almost everywhere!