I’ve written many times about my love for The Muppets. I’m right in the perfect generation to be a fan–I remember watching and loving both the TV show and the three earliest films as I grew up. And over the past year or two, the new owner, Disney, has somehow found a way to breathe new life into the franchise, scoring numerous viral hits and rejuvenating the property. 

As you may be aware, there’s a brand new Muppets film headed for theaters this Thanksgiving. It co-stars Amy Adams and Jason Segel, and a few different trailers for the movie have already found viral success.

One of the tricks Disney is employing to help the Muppets connect with new viewers is a soundtrack called The Green Album, featuring several classic Muppets songs covered by current popular artists like My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, and Weezer.

The soundtrack’s first track? The Muppet Show Theme, covered by the masters of viral video, Ok Go. Check it out:

This is that rare case where a social video campaign benefits more than one brand. The Muppets, obviously, benefit from the added buzz surrounding the video, which helps remind folks of the upcoming movie. They also get the attention of the Ok Go fans who might not already have had Muppets on their radar.

But Ok Go benefits just as much as the Muppets do, by having the popular characters act as guest stars in the music video, exposing the band and their unique style to a huge potential audience that might never have heard of them before.

And I especially love how the video blends the styles of the two entities rather seamlessly. This is definitely an OkGo video, and fits right in line with their previous music videos in tone and style–there’s even a bit of Rube Goldberg fun. But it’s also clearly a Muppets video, bringing their signature humor and personality to the table as well.

You might remember a previous Muppets appearance in a music video, for Weezer’s Keep Fishin’, in which the band opted to put themselves inside the traditional Muppets world:

The best branded viral video campaigns are those that maximize the video’s sharing potential. By mashing the Muppet and Ok Go worlds together, both brands are able to add to their exposure by virtue of the other brand’s preexisting popularity.