The fourth annual Blogworld conference is fast approaching, and the session schedule already has me intrigued.  The event will be held October 14-16, and this year moves from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Mandalay Bay convention center.  ReelSEO readers can earn 20% off the registration fee for Blogworld 2010 by using the promo code: REELSEO20.

This week I had a chance to talk with Blogworld founder and CEO, Rick Calvert, and I wanted to share some of what he and I talked about.  Rick, now in his fourth year of running Blogworld, is a very busy guy, so I’m thankful he was able to find time to chat with me.

Video came up frequently during our conversation, and not just because I kept asking questions about it.  It’s clear that video as a content medium will plenty of attention at this year’s Blogworld.

Calvert says:

“Our event is about the future of new media—and that obviously includes video—video will eventually be at the top of the new media pyramid just as TV is at the top of the old-media pyramid.”

And that idea is reflected throughout the conference schedule.  The podcasting track, for example, has been renamed to “digital broadcasting,” so as to include any form of Internet broadcast, be it audio or video.

Most conference schedules are fairly fluid leading up to the event, with new sessions and speakers being added left and right as they are confirmed.  And when we spoke yesterday, Calvert had just locked in a new session for the Friday afternoon keynote, and the topic is The Future of Internet Video—Jim Louderback (Revision3 CEO) and Dick Glover (Funny Or Die CEO) will be two of the three panelists, with the third yet-to-be-named.  Susan Bratton will serve as the moderator.  He said the session had just been confirmed prior to his conversation with me, which makes you among the first to hear about it.

There are multiple sessions dedicated to video as well, including Using Video For Real Estate Blogging (Thursday, 11am) , Your Own TV Station and Movie Studio (Thursday, 4pm), Video Podcasting 101 (Friday, 12:15pm), Mobile Vlogging (Friday, 2:45pm), How to Film A Kick Ass Travel Video (Friday, 4pm), Understanding Video Formats (Friday, 4pm), and much more.

He also briefly mentioned Blogworld TV, a revamped version of Blogworld Radio, which he hopes to launch at this year’s show.

In addition to video, Calvert said that location-based services are the year’s other hot topic, though he’s personally somewhat skeptical that they’ll make the leap from the tech-savvy crowd to the mainstream as smoothly as Twitter did.

And I would be doing our readers a disservice if I failed to mention the parties.  This year’s Blogworld has an official party every night, each open to all conference attendees.  Thursday night’s party, sponsored by The Light Group, will be at Liquid.  Friday’s party moves to Haze, and is hosted by Mashable.  And on Saturday, the final bash will be at The Luxor.  And Calvert doesn’t seem to be taking the parties lightly, which is not to say he’s serious about partying, but rather that he’s serious about his conference attendees meeting each other, networking and socializing, and forming relationships that will benefit the entire new media industry as a whole.  And there are several ancillary events aside from the official nightly party, such as the Tech Karaoke event Saturday at the House of Blues and the Diner Rounds—where food bloggers will get a taste of Las Vegas cuisine.

Calvert is particularly excited about the venue change this year, suggesting the event should feel more like a community gathering now that everyone’s staying in the same place, with the sessions under the same roof.  I found his passion hard to ignore, and pretty contagious.  He speaks about the world of new media with excitement and wonder, and not in a way that feels forced.  I asked him to close with some thoughts on the challenges facing bloggers and marketers in the coming year:

“For all content creators, blogger, podcaster, internet radio, internet tv, (the challenge) is to treat your content and treat your product like a business.  And to continue to teach the rest of the world, the mainstream community, what it is we’re doing.  New media is being born, and that’s still what’s happening, we’re still in the early, early stages of what this new media will be twenty years from now.”

There’s still time to register for Blogworld 2010 if you haven’t already done so.  It’s well worth the time and cost involved, considering the industry heavyweights doing the teaching.  Don’t forget to use the promo code “REELSEO20” to score 20% off the registration total.  And if you see any of us ReelSEO folks around the convention, please introduce yourself and say hello!