Blip.TV recently decided that they didn’t have enough knobs, switches, levers, buttons and what nots on their dashboard. So they decided to upgrade it and throw in some new things for you to play with. Additionally, since they were doing some work anyway, they decided to expand their distribution options as well. Lucky for you, we have the 411 on what’s all new and improved. Also lucky for you, it doesn’t read like a user’s manual for a new automobile, because that just wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Everyone needs a super spiffy Dashboard to gather up all the gauges, buttons, graphs, charts and information. Blip.TV has got one and now it’s new and improved and 10% bigger! Well, maybe not 10% bigger… They have added some cool ergonomically terrific features for you which will allow you to push, pull, drag and drop all your shows around the web from one central location. First off is the new reorder feature that lets you drag-and-drop the order of shows with nary an ounce of effort. The new show order is then pushed out to any site with an episode list as well as the RSS Feed. Like I said, spiffy!

Next up is revenue generation by episode replete with user engagement graphs which is rapidly becoming the best way to measure ROI and impact. They’ll include awesome stats like user drop-offs per second and when users go back and see a spot again. This should help Blip give you some better metrics and help you optimize your episodes for revenue and viewership.

As part of engagement, all the comments for every episode will be shown right on the dashboard. No more looking at each and every source just to find out who is saying what. They’ll all be gathered up for you now. It will even have full Twitter integration in the near future.

Making multiple shows under multiple user accounts at Blip? No hassle anymore. Now you’ve got a fast-user-switching option that allows you to switch from show to show and account to account quickly and easily. They’ve nixed that need to logout and then login again which will certainly save you some time.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep you enthralled for hours to come they’ve also dropped in some advertising controls which even ties into FreeWheel who is now serving ads across the Blip network with a 50/50 rev share for all you show creators. Of course it’s not obligatory to show ads if you don’t want to.

If you’re not seeing the new dashboard yet just be patient. It’s being rolled out incrementally and the top 100 creators will be the first to see it, then everyone else will get it over the next several months.

New Distro Deals

Distribution is key when it comes to your web shows and Blip knows this and has been diligently working on some new deals to widen your distro options. New partnerships have been put in place that include YouTube, Vimeo and even NBC. According to their own estimates they now reach 80% of the video Internet. YouTube is now allowing direct upload of shows from Blip and the inclusion of advertisements for rev sharing.

What’s up with NBC you say? Well Blip has stated that the company’s content will show up on WNBC’s New York Nonstop broadcast channel in New York City, New York Nonstop.

Finally, Roku and Blip have come to an agreement to make online video content from the network available to users of the Roku digital video player which will allow people to watch the online video from the comfort of their couches, on their television screesns. See, we told you this was the future, video convergence is rapidly becoming a reality.

All of this adds up to great news for Blip. The expansion of services means a potential expansion of clients and audience and that means profit. Considering they’ve not got any right now this could be the break even year for them, or perhaps even a tidy little profit to pocket if they play their cards right.  Well done Blip!