I am going to refrain from using all manner of cliche here and simply say, Blip is ready to take its whole site to the next level. Damn, that’s a cliche too, isn’t it? Hey everyone, Blip.tv says they’re going to go full HTMl5 as soon as they can!

Just last week at the Open Video Conference, Blip.tv announced they’ve finally got an HTML5 player ready to roll out. They were waiting on a way to include advertising as that’s the main monetization there. Well it seems that they solved the final hurdle and hopped over it and are super stoked to give you all HTML5 support. In their recent announcements they stated that their new player is five times faster than the Flash one, which I’ll have to go test out and report back on

They say the HTML5 Blip.tv player is almost identical to the Flash one and even looks just about the same. The monetization of the video player was the main reason they haven’t announced an HTML5 player until now and since that’s sorted, they’re ready to press forward, in a big way.

CTO Justin Day announced at the Open Video Conference that he intends to transition all of blip to HTML5. They don’t say anything about ending support for their Flash player and that would probably be quite unwise as HTML5 browser support is still spotty. They did implement the player already for several platforms including  mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

They haven’t mentioned if you need to do anything or if their embed code will change to automatically detect the platform and push the HTMl5 or the Flash player. I checked out the site in Opera, Chrome and Firefox 3.6 and they all came up with Flash players so I’m curious when we can expect to see a switchover.  I’d like to see the 5x speed increase for myself.