Blinkx brinkx (no typo, it’s Friday) a literal downpour of online video to the TV with its own application for Boxee, coming soon. The app will give you access to all the video search wonder that is blinkx right from the comfort of your own couch, if that is where you so choose to watch your Boxee-based content. If the two companies were ever to merge, do you suppose they’d call it bloxee or blinkxee?

The blinkx app for Boxee will bring a massive amount of content to your home that you can search, discover and watch. Plus, it’s professionally produced Internet video from top content partners

But it not only searches Internet video, it can also search all of your locally stored media as well and give you quick and easy access via your Boxee computer. That’s in addition to Netflix, VUDU, NHL, MLB, Pandora and Flickr.

“As watching video from the Internet on your TV becomes mainstream, the blinkx app will allow our users to easily discover and watch premium videos from the comfort of their own living room,” said Andrew Kippen, VP of Marketing for Boxee in today’s press release.

The blinkx app for Boxee gives users the ability to search across blinkx’s index of more than 35 million hours of video on the Web and offers three distinct entertainment channels:

  • Popular – an editorialized roundup of the most popular videos from across the Web, including the latest shocking news from Hollywood and jaw-dropping human feats
  • News – a breaking news channel featuring top news stories from around the world, culled from the “Inform Me” channel on
  • Fun! – a riveting playlist of hilarious bloopers, amazing stunts, ridiculous pranks and cute animals, drawn from blinkx Beat

As the pioneer in video search technology, blinkx has built a reputation as the smartest way to find rich media on the Web. The company has made more than 720 partners and indexed over 35 million hours of video and audio content to date. blinkx has also opened its TV API to provide partners in the fast-growing Connected TV ecosystem.

Go go Boxee Go!