In fact, even I blinked twice when I saw their profit growth. Think high double digits for both profit and revenue and you’ll be seeing something along the lines of what blinkx has seen over the past six months ended September 30th. Read on for more big-eyed details Cha-ching! $$$

I should have titled this blinkx Brings the Bling which would have been equally funny and has more alliteration in it. Anyway, blinkx and seen a whopping 96% growth in profit year over year with $26.4 million this past six months on 63% more revenue which was $44.6M. That’s a pretty decent profit margin right there if you think about it, over 50%. Excellent business model it seems.

“Video advertising continues to thrive, with double-digit growth forecast for the next five years, and
our performance over the last six months underlines the strength of blinkx’s model within this
dynamic marketplace. Momentum was driven by increased traffic through the blinkx engine and the
continued success of our advertising platform, AdHoc, in attracting new marquee brands such as
Disney and Kellogg’s. Moreover, we made further advances in our cross-platform strategy, signing
key partners like Aurasma, Roku and Orb Networks to extend distribution in the mobile and
Connected TV arenas,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx,

Other Financial Highlights:

  •  Revenues increased by 63% to $44.6m, from $27.4m in H1 2011
  •  Adjusted* profit from operations increased by 96% to $4.9m compared with $2.5m for H1 2011
  •  Profit before tax (adjusted) of $5.0m, compared with $2.5m for H1 2011
  •  Cash balance $52.9m compared with $16.9m at 30 September 2010
  •  Combination of blinkx’s 55m monthly unique users with Burst’s total 89m monthly unique users significantly increases overall scale and reach (comScore September 2011)
  • Premium content partnerships announced during the half include deals with Future Publishing, the Bleacher Report, Cinesport, NewsLook and FashionTV
  • New distribution agreements with Aurasma, Roku, Orb Networks and BlueStreak Technology increase blinkx’s footprint in both the Mobile and Connected TV spaces
  • New brand advertising clients including Disney, Kellogg’s, Nivea and Pimms
  • Launch of five Burst-branded publisher channels, MomIQ, Ella, Stadium, Giant Realm and Ignition, lays the foundation for an Internet TV network
  • Creation of Burst online video networks introduces relevant, TV-style programming to Burst’s ecosystem of independent publishers

Big advertisers like Disney, Pimms and Nivea have been driving the profit growth over at blinkx they say and with the continued growth of online video advertising they’re in a great position to see continued growth in their bottom line as well.

blinkx also made significant advances in its cross-platform distribution strategy during the period,
striking new deals in the mobile and Internet TV arenas. The company is powering video for the
award-winning visual browser, Aurasma, a mobile application; while Roku, Orb Networks and
BlueStreak Technologies have incorporated access to blinkx’s video index in their next-generation
TV solutions.

On the content front, blinkx continued to expand its roster of premier media partners, including the
addition of programming from diverse industry leaders, such as Future Publishing, the Bleacher
Report, Cinesport, NewsLook and FashionTV.

As Blinkx Goes So Does the Industry?

One can only hope, right? I mean, if we could all see massive upswing in both revenue and profit it would surely be the boom we have been waiting for. I don’t think that these numbers are anywhere near average for the industry but it does go to show that being proactive about your growth and keeping your mind open to expansion and divergent content and approaches certainly seems to be the way to turn a pretty penny right now.

Well, that and like 35 million hours of content in the catalog  I suppose.