Popular sports blogs are getting in on the YouTube original channel action, too.  Sites like Bleacher Report and SB Nation, crowdsourced sports sites that allow average joes to write columns about their favorite sports teams/subjects, have been tapped by YouTube for original channels in the next year.  Recently, Bleacher Report announced a new original channel on YouTube with four shows for our viewing pleasure.  One of these shows will cover the day’s top stories, while weekly episodes will focus on the NFL Draft and college recruiting.

Introducing The Four Bleacher Report Shows

So here’s the rundown of the Bleacher Report’s content:

BR5 will be a daily (Mon-Fri) look at the top sports stories of the day.  Hosted by Desi Sanchez, an E! News Now and MTV2 VJ regular, here’s a sample episode, complete with Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin news and analysis:


NFL Draft365 is a weekly show that plays every Wednesday, talking everything NFL Draft.  It’s hosted by Alexi Panos of HGTV’s Run My Makeover and SNY’s Beer Money, but it has several analysts and guests giving their advice and opinion.  For instance, their first episode had Steelers backup QB Charlie Batch alongside Panos, with soundbites from former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin and Saints QB Drew Brees, and two analysts talking about the top 5 in the draft, along with an “argument” over who the Colts should pick, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III:


Why We Watch will be a documentary series that will focus on stories sort of like “Outside the Lines” does on ESPN.  It launches on Thursday and will play every week on the day.

And Full Ride will talk about college football recruiting, which I’m only guessing will be a sort of video version to sites like Rivals.com and 24/7.  This will premiere in March.

These shows will be in addition to already existing videos covering all the major sports, the UFC, and WWE.  So it looks like YouTube is well-stocked with original channels on sports, entertainment, and cooking.  Can scripted, original shows or series be far behind?