Tomorrow marks a whole year since Vine arrived to change short-form video creation forever. The Twitter-owned platform has just launched a new page, called a “Year on Vine“, that documents some of the most creative, memorable and funniest videos uploaded to the site in its first 365 days. Vine has bloomed since its debut, modifying and upgrading to meet the demands of its subscribers and the devices they use. It hasn’t been without its problems though, including a short lived adult entertainment issue which saw them kicked out of the App store for a short while, and a very serious threat from Instagram video. It’s also seen its share of triumphs like its first full length movie, a tie-in with the Tribeca Film Festival and 40 million subscribers by August 2013.

Brands like Oreo, Samsung, Target and Pepsi have genuinely embraced the medium and are producing inventive and engaging content on a consistent basis. Because it’s a relatively quick and low-budget way to produce video, many brands are turning around campaigns in days, which is perfect for capturing tentpole events or current affairs. Interestingly, Twitter has decided to showcase non-brand content in their first anniversary review, although the Vines all received a lot of comments, likes and re-Vines.

Happy Birthday Vine. Here’s to another eventful 12 months.