Another week, another round-up of excellent branded short-form video content on Vine to bring you. Samsung got us in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with its land-on-the-clover Vine game, which isn’t as easy as it looks, while Taco Bell teased us with its new WaffleTaco breakfast extravaganza, due in stores next week. On a more serious note, Intel showed us how 3D printing is transforming the lives of children in Sudan, providing prosthetic limbs for those maimed during the war. Inspiring stuff and a fantastic use of Vine as part of their work to highlight the initiative via social video. Thanks to our friends at Unruly for the suggestions.

Best Branded Vines of the Week

#1 Samsung

Catch the four-leaf clover with this interactive ad from Samsung. You don’t actually win anything of course but it’s still a surprisingly challenging way of spending 6 seconds. (It took me 4 goes, fact fans.)

#2 Meow Mix

Everyone knows that cats are THE fussiest eaters on earth but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun with their mealtimes. Cat owners can head over to Meow Mix’s Cat Starter page to vote for the idea they love the most (it’s like Kickstarter for cats – geddit). We absolutely love the ‘Hot Keys’ idea. A fantastic use of Vine from the cat food producer.

#3 Intel

In the era of lightening-fast technological innovation, nothing seems more space-age than 3D printing. Intel highlight #ProjectDaniel in this Vine, that’s an organization that’s using 3D printing technology to produce prosthetic limbs for children caught up in the war raging in Southern Sudan. Please visit Not Impossible Labs to learn more about this amazing, wonderful project. 

#4 Taco Bell

Taco Bell has whipped everyone up into a frenzy on social media with its promise of an enticing new breakfast menu. This particular item. the WaffleTaco, seems to be causing the most excitement and we’ll admit, it does look like all kinds of awesome. It makes its debut next week so starting queuing outside your local branch now. 

#5 Thomas More University

Recruiting (and keeping) students is a full time occupation for many educational establishments, so its good to see Belgian university, Thomas More, being proactive with social video. It’s already produced quite a few Vines and here’s the latest, a 6 second ad for studying business analytics.