We are starting to see some definite marketing trends when it comes to micro-video, and we highlight three examples in this week’s post. There’s the one-off, which has the potential to be a huge success if the brand catches a pop-culture event perfectly, or does something quirky. Oreo is superb at doing these kind of videos, as highlighted below, and its ability to produce relevant, topical content very quickly means that it has carved out its own special niche in the genre. Next, we have the video series, where a brand creates content along a running theme.

ToyotaUSA’s #LetGoPlaces campaign has been active for a few months, and last week it added a new 6 sec clip to the family. Lastly, we have the Instavid as a trailer to a longer video – as demonstrated by Gucci. Brands and agencies should take note of the amount of cross-platform promotion that many of the videos below are part of, and how short-form video is often only one part of a successful social video push.

Best Branded Instavids of the Last 7 days

#1 Oreo

Oreo created this little stop-motion film to either showcase the fact that a) its berry cookie is bursting with flavor, or b) it is possible to take the top off an Oreo without breaking it into 25 pieces.

#2 Samsung USA

In a break from mobile device marketing, Samsung take 15 seconds to remind us that they still make home appliances too. Part of a cross-promotion with Facebook, and Twitter, the #masteryourhome campaign is encouraging contributions from customers about their ideal home set-up.

#3 ToyotaUSA

ToyotaUSA is also using Instagram as just one of the platforms for its #LetsGoPlaces promotion, along with YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and its own site. The latest Instavid captures an All_American family who just happen to travel around with their own giant Disco Ball and use it every opportunity they can.

#4 Vans

A great use of Instagram as a marketing tool from Vans, who squeeze in a jaunty, but relevant Beach Boys soundtrack for this vid promoting U.S. Open of Surfing at Huntingdon Beach, CA (AKA Surf City U.S.A.).

#5 Gucci

Gucci also turned to Instagram to promote the trailer for its longer YouTube video all about its “Bright Diamante” range.

Best Performing Branded Instavids of the Week

Let’s also take a look at a couple of videos that performed the best in terms of engagement on the platform in the past 7 days. Thanks to friends at Sharablee for the data.


NBA’s Instagram acount has 2,778,216 followers so pretty much all of its content – images, and video – generates huge amounts of interest among followers. It’s content does consistently well, with the brand appearing 22 times in the top 1000 Instagram videos of the past 7 days – all 22 being in the top 120 places. This particular Instavid topped the chart for them with 138,453 likes, and 2,209 comments.


The NatGeo Instagram channel is also one of the top brands on the platform. The brand is making the most of the World Cup with a series of films from Brazil. This one, its top performer, features a street scene in Sao Paulo, and generated 128,171 likes, and 480 comments.

Featured Image: YouTube