There’s no let up in the creativity and inventiveness that many brands are showing in their use of Vine as a video platform. This week, in our pick of the best branded Vines of the past 7 days, Dunkin Donuts make a special red Carpet guest appearance at the Golden Globes, Dove show us how to correctly tie a Windsor Knot, although ironing a shirt may have been a better use of their time, Jack Dorsey’s Square may or may not use excessive violence to show how easy it is to make mobile payments and Nokia announce an update rollout via the medium of bad hairdos.  Thanks to the team at Unruly for their suggestions.

1. Dunkin Donuts

In the week of The Golden Globes, of course Dunkin Donuts came up with a quirky Vine to celebrate the occasion. Let’s join them as they glam it up on the red carpet

2. SquareCash  

Twitter owns Vine and Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder, also owns an extremely successful mobile payments company called Square. So, it’s no surprise to see some nifty shortform content from them on the Vine platform. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure why the big Android action figure sees fit to club the other figure on the head but hey, perhaps that’s an actual term of endearment at Square…

3. Sony

The jury is still out on whether that Morgan Freeman iPad drawing was real or in fact a fake, but there’s no doubt that this stop-motion tablet sketch on the Sony VAIO is the real deal. Amazing.

4. Dove Men’s Care

Tieing a tie used to be a skill that men (and a lot of women) were taught at an early age but in these days of dress-down workplaces and elasticated ties, it’s good to have a reminder when you need to tackle a full Windsor knot. Dove show you how to in 6 seconds. Next, how to iron a shirt before appearing in a video.

5. Nokia

Not the most sophisticated Vine we’ve ever seen from Nokia but it’s kind of quirky in its own way. There’s an update coming for the Lumia so which entails a lot of wig changes apparently.