Google seems to have a little bit of an obsession with pop stars lately. After years of ads that were celebrity-endorsement-free, the search company appears to have done an about face on the marketing approach. Last month, they teamed up with Lady Gaga in an ad designed to show off all the ways the Chrome browser can help you stay connected. And now they’ve given the same treatment to Justin Bieber.

The new ad is similar to the Gaga spot, but also shares some similarities with the recent Dear Sophie ad, which shows a father using chrome and other Google products to document his daughter’s childhood.

Bieber is a natural choice for Google’s latest celebrity endorser. Most web-savvy music fans already know how big a role YouTube played in the singer’s discovery–and continues to play in his popularity. It’s almost surprising they didn’t go with Bieber first, and then Gaga, instead of the other way around. Either way… I think Katy Perry ought to be expecting a phone call any day now, since Google is clearly trying to land endorsement deals with all the world’s biggest pop stars.

There’s even a little takeaway surprise for the true Bieber fan–a custom Justin Bieber theme for Google Chrome:

This is an incredibly smart campaign. Bieber is just about the most popular celebrity in the world with a very important target demographic: teen girls. If Google can show teenagers around the globe that Bieber is a Chrome guy… that alone ought to send them to the Chrome download page in droves.

It’s also a cute and clever ad for adults to enjoy, since most of us can remember a time when Bieber was anonymous like us (heck, it was only about three years ago for Pete’s sake). So the ad is able to demonstrate the global reach and communication power of Chrome, as well as other Google services like YouTube.

Bonus Video SEO Tip!

Here’s a good moment to learn a lesson from Google. You see, they own YouTube… and, as the owner, they probably have some decent idea as to what works and doesn’t work for helping a video get discovered and found in search engines, right?

Well, then please take some time to examine how Google–YouTube’s parent company–does video. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Pay attention, specifically, to the following things:

  • Captions are added. This helps with the video’s search visibility, and also ensures all viewers can understand what’s being said.
  • Tags. Holy tags, Batman. If you were tagging this video… and be honest here… would you have included that many tags? Most of us would have stopped after the obvious tags of “bieber, justin bieber, chrome.” But they’ve added things like “sing,” “concert,” and “world tour.” Very interesting. If they’re doing it, there must be a good reason, right?
  • They also used an Interactive Transcript.

Learn from the masters. If you want your videos to rank well, can it really be a bad strategy to imitate the people that own both the video company and the search engine?