Increasingly, more brands have been expanding into the social media realm. Whether by embracing Facebook, engaging with Twitter, incorporating YouTube, or creating interactive visual content in the online space, brands have been enhancing the online experience. Specifically, it’s the creation of high quality brand videos that have been visibly popping up all across the digital world. This method seems efficient, interactive and is without the cost of the television. However, there isn’t much point in putting out this high quality content if there are no guarantees of who’s going to see it.

So what is the secret to gaining more targeted eyeballs on your well crafted online video productions? Broadly speaking it’s as simple as putting marketing dollars into your YouTube video distribution strategy.

Why Invest in a Targeted YouTube Distribution Strategy?

Many people believe in so called “viral distribution” where once the content is uploaded, a chain reaction of views will follow. The reality is that fewer than 20% of YouTube videos achieve 500 views and only 4% of videos exceed 10,000 views or more. With that said, successful online video campaigns require the same level of planning and consideration that outline clear goals and objectives in the same way that a traditional marketing campaign would.  Objectives should include a targeted distribution strategy that guarantees exposure to the desired, most relevant audience.

The best way to achieve desired results is by focusing your distribution strategy on the places where your most relevant consumer resides. Your video content may not get a multi-million view reach, but once targeted, the views that it will get will be from the audience most likely to benefit and respond.

A Case Study – Holt Renfrew:

Let’s take the Canadian luxury fashion retailer, Holt Renfrew as a YouTube distribution success story.

Holt Renfrew (HR), has been active in the online marketing world and they have incorporated both YouTube and Facebook into their marketing campaigns. HR’s YouTube channel ( was launched in 2006, but it was not until recently that their views skyrocketed.

The HR YouTube channel hosts 22 videos which are focused on covering events and updates within the fashion industry. These 22 videos have generated a total of 92,000 video views to-date; however 84% of those views came from only 2 of the 22 videos – the male fall vignette and female fall vignette video (see below).

HR employed our services at VMG Cinematic to generate targeted video views for these videos through syndicating the YouTube videos across social media networks.  This involved packaging the videos as IAB-Standard (300×250 medium rectangle) ad units with each unit embedded into a custom social network application (see image on right). The videos were then targeted both geographically and demographically so as to place them in front of the right sets of eyes until the desired results were achieved.

The Benefits of a Targeted Distribution Strategy

HR desired targeting to a 24-44 yr-old demographic, primarily female

Not only does this method reach the target audience but it also creates consumer interaction – an element often unattainable through traditional media. In comparison to the other 20 videos where the number of comments at most reaches two, the VMG distributed fall vignette videos received positive feedback averaging over 40 responses per video. Again, this accounts for over 84% of the total interaction and feedback. Both of those are pretty significant chunks!

It’s apparent that simply uploading content to your brand’s YouTube channel is not enough. Overlooking a YouTube distribution strategy clouds the brand message outreach and loses itself among the 20 hours of video uploaded per minute. Neglecting trivial marketing strategy points such as distribution devalue the effectiveness of social media campaigns and diminish what would otherwise be a great opportunity to connect.

About our Guest Author:

Marina Arnaout comes from a Communications background with experience in a variety of mediums ranging from TV to out-of-home advertising. She found her niche in digital media at VMG Cinematic.  VMG Cinematic is a Toronto based digital media agency and media production house, whose core specialty lays in online video and branded entertainment. You can follow Marina on Twitter @vmg_cinematic.