Well, it looked like Facebook video ads would be a reality by this summer, but according to Ad Age, Facebook is working on new features they want to launch with the ads.  The video ads, which were speculated to cost $1 million targeted to four key demos that basically encompassed…everyone, have been talked about all year.  But, here’s another delay because of some changes coming in the Fall (that Facebook users are probably going to dislike immensely).  Ad Age also mentions that sales executives are still hoping to launch them as-is, and then deal with the changes later.  Yeah, I would too at $1 million a pop.

Facebook Delays Video Ads Again

Originally, these ads were set to show up in the Spring, then they were moved to the Summer.  And while the decision to delay them again is being blamed on “changes coming in the Fall,” it sounds like something else is the problem.  Like, maybe they don’t know how to make these things less intrusive (maybe the changes they are talking about are related to that), or maybe there’s not as much interest from brands as they thought.  I know many people will be upset when they start seeing ads playing on the left and right side of their feeds.  It’ll be yet another thing that makes Facebook even more unbearable, should the ads be annoying, pervasive, or generally a nuisance.  At the very least, audio won’t play unless the viewer clicks on the ad.

Anyway, more delays from Facebook and their much-discussed video ads.