On this week’s Creator’s Tip video, Arturo Trejo talks with us about his strategies for effectively balancing his time between every day responsibilities and family, with the time it takes to be a creator and edit his videos on a regular basis.

Arturo Trejo, of the YouTube channel Mr. Arturo Trejo, gave us his tips for keeping a good balance between real life and video creation time.

  1. The people around you have to be supportive.  Whether it’s a spouse, or friends, the individuals in your life need to be supportive of what you are doing and help you realize when your life is getting off balance.
  2. Keep to a schedule.  You have to be disciplined sometimes when creating video content.  If you have committed to providing your viewers with a video a week, make sure you stick to that and don’t let yourself procrastinate when it comes to finishing and editing a video and getting it posted.
  3. Prioritize your time.  Make sure you do the things you need to do first and spend quality time with family and friends – then allocate any additional time to working on your video and editing.
  4. Consistency is more important than quality.  The quality of the video is not going to be the best every single time.  But having consistent videos uploaded for your viewers is more important than every video being perfect.

QUESTION: What’s your advice for balancing real life with YouTube?

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip video we’re going to talk with Arturo about balancing your YouTube channel with real life and all the responsibilities that go
along with that, that’s coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another Creator’s Tip video where every week we just help you guys who are making online content know how
to make that stuff just stand out the best on the web. And this week we have a special guest, Mr. Arturo and I can’t say that right.

Arturo. Arturo Trejo.

My Spanish is un poco, I don’t know, very little.

That was fantastic.

Oh, gracias. But he runs an awesome channel that I really love and follow and have for a long time. You just want to tell us real quick what it is and what
you do on there.

I have no clue.

Hanging out here all by myself. Nancy’s down by the pool.

I’m not down by the pool.

I thought you were down by the pool.

Obviously not.

I thought that was Nancy, I guess that was my ex-wife. I get them mixed up sometimes so…

A couple years ago I started doing whatever I could possibly do to annoy my wife.

She’s a good sport by the way cause he’s pretty hard core.

And kind of picked out the funny things my son does and just try to make fun of ourselves, whatever’s going on in life.

That’s awesome. So I’ll link up to his channel below. Definitely go check it out. But what I’m impressed with this guy is that he seems, as long as I’ve
been following you anyway, he seems to balance real life with a full time job, with a wife and kid and traveling and everything and yet your content is
still quality and consistent. What advice and help do you have for those guys and the rest of us even, you know I’m in the same position that we’re just
trying to do this. What advice, how do you do it?

Well first of all I appreciate that. I never know if my quality is good or consistent, I just do whatever I have time to do and hope for the best. I would
say the first thing, the number one thing is if you’re married, you have to have a supportive wife. So I am extremely lucky that I have a wife who is

She puts up with a lot.

She does, and it’s at the point where when I first started I was doing two videos a week and that was just, we’re talking every single night of the week I
was editing a video and it got to the point where she said, you know what, two is too much and I said I totally agree, so we cut back to one and even now
I’m putting more into my one and it’s becoming a lot, but working on something with your wife and your kids. A schedule that you can agree to. I think
that’s the most important thing. If you’re not going to have the family support it’s just not going to be worth it. And then once you have that just find
time to do it and stick to a schedule and be disciplined. I do it after work. Instead of watching TV I edit a video. I’d rather be watching TV sometimes
but then when the video is done and I put it out there and I get the response from the viewers that’s like my payback there.

How do you determine how you are going to prioritize that time?

I guess I always put the video editing at the very last thing of the day. If I have anything else to do, I do that first and that’s the very last thing
I’ll do before I go to bed. So I’ll get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, help with the dishes, put my son to bed. If there’s any other little
errands or things I need to do I will do those and then whatever time I have left between that and bedtime, that’s what I put towards video editing.

You said something that I think is really interesting that I think a lot of us could probably give ourselves the freedom to do is you know sometimes the
video is just crappy or you know you’re like, I don’t know if they are all quality or not. And from my perspective, I’m like they’re all awesome. Even the
ones where you’re sitting in front of your desk and someone walks behind you or whatever, just like little things like that. I feel like it’s important, I
just realized this talking to you when you said that where like sometimes it’s okay to put out stuff that you’re not like, ‘oh this is going to go viral,
this is going to be huge.’ It’s like it’s okay to be like this is all I had time to do. And sometimes your videos are like hey guys I didn’t have time to
make a video this week.


Which I’m like, he’s doing a video.

Yeah, which is what I’m doing. If you do the best you can do, you know some people take a different approach. They’ll put out a video once every three
weeks or just try to hit a home run every time. I think I kind of decided early on that I’m just going to be more consistent and make the quality the very
best I can within the time I’m allocated. Not every one is going to be the best and that’s what my wife is always telling me all the time. And I’ll show
her my videos before I put them up and she’ll watch them and I can watch her face and I can tell whether it’s good or not and if she says not every video
has to be your best then I know it’s one of those.

Well that’s awesome, thank you so much. You guys definitely check him out, link is below. And if you have any tips and ideas that you guys have experienced
from the content that you’re making and trying to balance life with kids and wife with dating and social life and school and everything you guys are trying
to balance at the same time, please comment below and let us know. I’d love to learn from you guys and check them out and if this is your first time
hanging out with us, we do these Creator’s Tips for you guys every week so make sure you click that subscribe button that’s up there somewhere. We’d love
to have you join us and we’ll see you guys again next week for another Creator’s Tip video. Bye.