Hello everyone and welcome to the long weekend (for those of you in the US that is). The rest of us, well some of us even work on the weekends… This weekend I thought we would take a look at some really cool uses of the HTML 5 canvas and incorporating video into it.

Why? Just for the heck of it really. Plus, some of this stuff is insanely cool. Now I had the brilliant idea to include video of all of them, but I’m on my mobile Internet and while it is 3.5G, it’s only 500MB a day, so I couldn’t. You’ll have to make due with images or go see the demos yourselves.

There’s no real use for it, but the video explosion demo from Crafty Mind is just downright awesome. I suppose you could make a game out of it. Choose your favorite moment from a video, click to explode it and then sort the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. It really is impressive that it can deform the video, while it’s playing, in real time and then put itself back together.

Video Blow up before

Video Blow up after

This Html 5 Canvas experiment wasn’t really video based, but was pretty cool so I included it. It ties into the social networks and the links are actually clickable.

Another cool one I found was The Wilderness Downtown. As can see in the demo that it takes input from the user in the form of an address and then creates a pretty cool film out of it with some really interesting effects.

Wilderness downtown

The Ambilight project was pretty cool. I’m sure you’ve now all seen the ambient lighting systems that are included in some TVs or available as separate units. Well now you can get that same effect in an Html 5 video with a canvas.

Ambilight HTML5

This one is pretty wicked as well it incorporates all sorts of cool things in the canvas as well as video and dynamic content injection…notice the ReelSEO I typed in. This could certainly make for som pretty cool stuff in the long run as well.

Dynamic Content Injection in HTML 5 Canvas

All in all these really show off some of the ultra cool things that we will be able to do not only with HTML5 and video but with a wide range of other content as well. So get out there and make something. Who knows, maybe I’ll include in my next article.