Daphne Miller

Fake Freckles: The Surprising Summer Beauty Hack That’s Trending Online

If you’re into beauty you’re probably looking to online video tutorials to find the latest trends and how to rock them. We take a look at one current beauty hack, the fake freckle, and highlight the brands and influencers that are uploading the most viewed and most engaging freckle-faking videos....

Carpool Karaoke: From Snackable Content to Viral Phenomenon

The goal of show-related online video content has always been to generate more TV viewers to the show. But with 'Carpool Karaoke', an engaged audience has been built online around that snackable content, and it's driving the huge success of 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' across all mediums....

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller is a writer and bulldog lover who has published work covering topics ranging from pop music to financial portfolios. She's written for a Hulu TV series, a personal finance blog, and a women's lifestyle magazine to name a few of her credits. She currently lives in Los Angeles with previously mentioned beloved bulldogs.