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New Tokyo YouTube Space Looks Pretty Baller

YouTube keeps opening Spaces in the biggest cities in the world. The latest lucky participant is Tokyo, the largest metropolitan city in the world, where lucky creators can now visit and shoot professional-quality videos and collaborate with their peers.

How to Find Google+ Hangouts Going On Right Now

You might be sitting home alone right now, wanting to hang out with someone in the worst way. And, if you can bookmark a simple link that will transport you to a world of Google+ Hangouts that are happening RIGHT NOW. Thanks to a tip from G+GoToGal, we will provide this link to hangout nirvana.

Meteor Video Friday: Russia’s Video Capabilities Are Amazing

The amazing video footage of a meteor crashing into Russia was caught on cameras everywhere: security cams, dash cams, phones, and more. So now, we have tons of videos to choose from to watch an incredible event that you usually only hear about well after the fact. Here's a compilation of meteor videos currently on YouTube.

Fullscreen, Universal Sign Music Deal for Legal Song Cover Monetization

Members of Fullscreen's "FAM," or "Fullscreen Artist Mix," can now legally monetize covers of songs they choose from Universal Music Publishing. The deal will also give the original artist compensation. So, everybody wins. Plus, there will be a program in place to monetize already-existing covers. Pretty sweet.

Streamys Sneakily Hand Out Awards for 3rd Annual Event Early

The Streamy Awards have already handed out a bunch of trophies to some high-quality content creators. While many of them were technical or for particular genres, some pretty big awards have already been claimed. Let's take a look at who some of the already big winners are.

YouTube’s 8th Birthday: From Zero to 4+ Billion Views [Infographic]

YouTube was founded on this day in 2005. It has become a cultural phenomenon and it gets bigger all the time, with so much video your head will explode. Our friends at Shorty Media have provided a handy infographic to detail all the milestones in YouTube's short history.

Love These Videos for Valentine’s Day 2013

Today is Valentine's Day, and like any other holiday or special occasion, YouTube is filled with Valentine's Day-themed videos, from comedy to food to advice to...

NASA to Turbocharge Google+ Hangout from Space

NASA has been really cool about giving us videos of outer space and missions and knowledge from their scientists via YouTube.  And now, they're going to hold th...

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