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Google Glass to Be Widely Available By the End of 2013?

Google is set to release Google Glass, their multi-tasking voice-controlled video headset, by the end of 2013. The price will run around $1,500. With all the features that you know from Google built in, and constantly analyzing, you too can be a Terminator. It only took 30 years.

Harlem Shake Dryer, How Popes Are Elected, and Gollum Sings Les Miserables [Fun Video Friday]

These videos will definitely make your day, and will make you a better person. I can't promise the effects will last long, but they will instill you with feelings of happiness that you won't quite be able to explain. At least, that's what I hope you'll feel during Fun Video Friday, even for a fleeting moment. You want to see a dryer do the Harlem Shake? You've come to the right place.

Professional YouTube Translation in 36 Languages Now Available

YouTube is teaming with professional services Gengo and to bring strong foreign language translation capabilities to your videos. After you upload English captions, you'll have the ability to "Request Translation" in your Video Manager, and you can either invite friends to translate or go with the pros.

YouTube Views to Be Part of Billboard Hot Charts

Billboard will now be using YouTube views as part of the equation for determining their Hot 100. With YouTube having basically become many people's main source for music and music discovery, it's natural for Billboard to want to include YouTube's data. YouTube will be partnering with Nielsen to share the data.

Fresh News Videos for Web Publishers with New Wochit Platform

Wochit has started a platform by which web publishers can get fresh, constantly-updating videos to their website. And generate revenue. With partnerships from Grab Media to Reuters, Wochit is looking to become a major source for video news by hooking up partners with their new platform.

YouTube Channel Functionality Flips Out Today: Is New Channel Design Coming for Everyone Soon?

Today, many, many YouTubers noticed that they couldn't edit anything on their channel. Could the new channel design be right around the corner for all users? Seems like that's what's happening. And the new changes will be met with the usual please, please, please don't change this! But you don't have much chance of getting this turned around anytime soon.

Google Glass Releases New Video: Can Actually Buying Them Be Far Behind?

Google teases us yet again with another video for Google Glass, the glasses with video capabilities that you can get to do things with voice commands. They gave us a taste awhile back with a stunt-filled Google Hangout that showed off the capabilities of the glasses, but only a select group of people were able to acquire them. Now, they've opened up the availability but you can't just go to a store and buy them just yet.

Videos of Meteor Hit 100 Million Total Views in Record Time

The Russian meteor event became an instant viral sensation, as the aggregate amount of views for over 400 videos amassed over 100 million views in record time. No video in the history of videos is close, with KONY and Red Bull Stratos now taking a backseat to the phenomenon.

Studio Streams Full Movie on Vine: Is It A Disaster?

Oscilloscope Laboratories released their movie, "It's A Disaster," on Twitter and Vine in six-second bursts. It's an interesting experiment. And if it somehow creates more awareness for your movie that you otherwise would not have gotten, it's worth a shot.

Top 10 Brand Movers on YouTube According to Socialbakers

Socialbakers presented their top 10 brands by YouTube subscriber growth. What separates most brands on YouTube from others is their consistent content, although sometimes it's just because you're a popular brand who every once in awhile has an ad or a trailer for a highly-anticipated product.

Viral Video Prediction Made Fun with TubeRank

TubeRank allows you to enter in a bunch of triggers and community interests into a database in order to find out what videos best exemplify the content you are trying to make. Having examples handy, with all their views and social stats, can give you a guide to what kind of viral video you're trying to make. Even if you don't use it for that, it makes for a great video discovery tool.

Corridor Digital Spins Cat Videos Into Special Effects Awesomeness

Corridor Digital has created a video that has all the elements of a mega-viral success. It's a cat video, but not your ordinary cat video. It's one where cats are doing their usual cat things, but this time, they're providing a valuable service against bad guys. Soon to be shared by a mom near you.

SourceFed, Daily Grace Take Home Audience Awards at 3rd Annual Streamys

The 3rd Annual Streamys were awarded last night. Philip DeFranco and Grace Helbig were big winners, as Epic Rap Battles, Burning Love, and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn continued to take home trophy after trophy in their respective categories. And oh yeah, Larry King was there!

YouTube Crowns Ad Blitz Winners Picked By the Fans

YouTube just announced the winners of their Ad Blitz campaign, as picked by the viewers. Dramatic ads ruled the roost this year and the top 5 reflects that. We also talked to Michael Yapp at YouTube about this year's results.

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