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Netflix: Now with Facebook Integration. We Can All Rest Easy Now

Huzzah! The long-awaited Netflix-Facebook integration is here! You can now share with all your friends what you watch! I will not be participating! But all of you out there who have been waiting so long for's finally here!

VEVO TV Launches, Old-School MTV Type Programming Is Back

VEVO will be launching a new cable channel this year that will play music videos all the time and hopefully won't succumb to a reality programming phase that will change the channel forever. You can watch the new channel online right now on all the various devices.

Vimeo Announces Vimeo On Demand: Creators Get 90% Revenue Share

Vimeo on Demand is coming to Vimeo, allowing creators to sell their work, set the price, customize the page the content is on, show it on Vimeo and their own website, country availability, and can be shown anywhere Vimeo can be accessed. Creators get 90% of the cut after transaction fees.

Did the Video ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Work?

Thinkmodo's "Elevator Murder Experiment" is the latest example of viral video marketing that generated a ton of views for the video in question, but did it help or hurt the movie's chances at the box office? I'll be taking a look at past Thinkmodo campaigns and try to find an answer.

Moonwalking Ponies and Murders in Elevators [Fun Video Friday]

Fun Video Friday for March 8 will take you on a magical, mystical journey through Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" and a trip back to Vegas with The Hangover III. Plus, VSauce wonders if you should eat yourself. No, really, is that for real? Plus, a talking hamster that talks back to the cops.

New YouTube Channel Design Available for All Users NOW [UPDATE]

The new channel design is set to be up by the end of the day. And today is March 7, so be on the lookout for these changes in the next few hours. The new channel design will offer a consistent look over all devices and a few more neat features.

YouTube Introduces ‘One Channel’: New Design Starts Rolling Out

YouTube is rolling out the new channel design called One Channel. And it looks like all the partners and businesses of the world now have access to it after the initial test for a few partners in the past month. The new channel design promises a consistent look across all devices, plus a few more bells and whistles.

YouTube Previews Upfronts by Emphasizing What Works

YouTube previewed their upcoming Digital Content Newsfronts in Chicago and basically came out saying, "We're going to keep doing what we do best." In that case, it's comedy, music, personal expression, and live events, touting SourceFed, Karmin, and the presidential debates, to name just a few.

Sesame Street Hits A Billion Views: First Non-Profit to Hit Milestone

Sesame Street did it! It hit a billion views and their very own Count Von Count is singing a thank you video to everyone who contributed. Can he count all the "yous" in YouTube? He certainly can! He's the Count! Sesame Street's milestone is much-needed good news for the non-profit, a show that almost everyone has grown up with in their lifetime.

YouTube to Launch Music Subscription Site Soon?

Lots of talk about subscription channels lately in YouTube Land. Today, Fortune is reporting that YouTube plans to launch a Spotify-style service on their huge video destination site soon, like perhaps by the end of the year. It's no surprise they're thinking about it, since YouTube is, of course, a large music discovery site.

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