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March Madness Continues Upward Trend Online

Increases in audience across the board for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, as TV and especially live streams increased their total audience by a staggering margin over 2012. The continued success for all formats with big sporting events is key for continued viability. of live sports streaming.

Vine Teaser of New Wolverine Movie Shows Split-Second Creativity Can Work

20th Century Fox released Vine footage of the new Wolverine movie yesterday, teasing yet another teaser that would play on MTV later. And that's one of the things Vine is good at--teasing. And it can be an effective marketing tool. Vine isn't being used a ton, but brands have been finding creative ways to implement it.

Vimeo’s Nifty Tricks on Overcoming A Small Film Crew

Shooting on a tight budget, and limited crew, can be a pain if you want to give the illusion that your production is good. But the fine folks at Vimeo Video School have some cool tricks to share that can make your small film crew appear a lot larger.

YouTube, Get On This (Part 2): The YouTube Wish List Continues

No wait, there's more! In Part 2 of the YouTube Wish List, we talk about how nice it would be to interact with your commenters better than just the comments section. And more people getting a chance to use that YouTube Live Stream would be awesome, too.

YouTube, Get On This (Part 1): The YouTube Wish List

We like YouTube, we really do. They meddle too much in things that don't need to get fixed, though, and let other things slide. That's why we've created a YouTube Wish List. Now, we may not have the power to get these things, ever, but it would be awesome if even one of these things were becoming a reality soon. And this is just Part 1.

Mr. Rogers Is Awesome and Slow Motion Destruction [Fun Video Friday]

We're about to get all sorts of knowledgeable about Fred (we call him "Mr.") Rogers up in here. And we're also going to see something we always enjoy, only in slow motion: stuff getting destroyed. After that we might make a cliff jump in Hawaii, or go to the snowy plains of Russia to blow away snowmen. Whatever we may do, it's Fun Video Friday.

YouTube Looking for Vloggers with Personal Triumph

YouTube is looking for the next vlogger, this time someone who has a story of personal triumph to share. The usual is up for grabs: a place among 16 vloggers all ready to collaborate with each other and get a good amount of cash for video equipment.

YouTube Searches Now Part of Google Trends

Google Trends now has YouTube searches going back to 2008. You want to know when certain topics are trending? Go to Google Trends and enter in some search terms. It's a good way to figure out some tentpoling opportunities, or just spending time analyzing good old-fashioned data.

John Green of Vlogbrothers Talks Ads in New Video

John Green talks about the various funding for things like YouTube channels and discusses the various problems with all of them, and perhaps coming up with a solution, at least an alternative to the ads vs. paywall argument.

North Korea Propaganda Video Fails YouTube Creator Playbook Standards

The North Korean video showing an attack on the United States is getting all sorts of play today in the news. But what could the uploaders have done to make this a better experience? Let's take a look at all the mistakes they made to increase engagement.

The Importance of Video Long Tail: Don’t Focus Solely on Opening Numbers

An often underestimated aspect of a video is its long-tail capability. Many times, the views a video gets after its initial burst are bigger than the initial burst itself, and it can be overlooked. While each week or so content creators are focusing on that new video, a little love given to the library can go a long way.

Dubstep Solves Everything and YouTube Science [Fun Video Friday]

Music was all over the place this week, and they dominate this Fun Video Friday with a diverse range of hilarious to just plain awesome. Bad outcomes for Disney Princesses. A dubstep war over a pretty girl on a park bench. Justin Timberlake singing in a Barbershop Quartet. And Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla school each other in Epic Rap Battles.

YouTube Working on Adaptive Streaming for Mobile and TV

YouTube is working on adaptive bitrate streaming for mobile and TV, because buffering is awful. Buffering and other kinds of interruption caused $2.16 billion in lost revenue last year for the online video industry, and people tend to leave after a couple of seconds of bad video.

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