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VineTune: Another Vine Addition that Could Make It Soar

Vinetune is a pretty cool site where you can find a featured, relatively unknown artist lending a song to a music video made of several different Vines that go along with the tune specific to hashtags that match the lyrics. You can even contribute your own Vine to it.

Coachella 2013 Continues YouTube Live Streaming Train

Coachella 2013 will be hitting YouTube again, and continues a tradition I hope never ends: live events being able to be found from the comfort of your own home. This year's festival takes place starting Friday, April 12-Sunday April 14 and streaming live from Indio, CA.

Vine Shoots to #1 on Apple’s Free Apps

Vine is now the #1 free app on iTunes. So what happened to get it there? Well, brands have been using it creatively, it's becoming easier and easier to use and share videos using the app, and it has a giant social media service behind it that keeps awareness of the app up, always.

Machinima Spreads to the UK

Machinima already reaches practically everyone in the world with their American-based channel. But creating content that is more local is a great idea, that's why Machinima has expanded to the UK with their own channel. And the UK is not the only place Machinima will likely land.

Nostalgia Critic Gives Roger Ebert A Touching Video Memorial

Roger Ebert died at the age of 70 yesterday, and his absence will be deeply felt whenever you read a movie review that doesn't quite have the passion and knowledge that Ebert displayed when discussing film. The Nostalgia Critic has said a nice farewell to Ebert that encapsulates everything about why Ebert mattered.

Gritty Calvin and Hobbes and The World Without A Sun [Fun Video Friday]

In this week's Fun Video Friday we really find out what happens when the Earth loses the sun. We also see what happens when Times Square goes backwards. And one airline has a solution for that awful "kids" problem on airplanes. And if you want to see absolutely stunning time-lapse photography of New Zealand, you've come to the right place.

15 New Episodes of Arrested Development to Hit Netflix on May 26

Arrested Development will be hitting Netflix on May 26 with 15 new episodes. That's right, 15! The long, long wait for new Arrested Development, which has been the subject of a movie rumor and all sorts of teases since the series' cancellation in 2006, is finally over in two short months when Netflix makes all 15 episodes available on one beautiful Sunday.

Kids Do Awesome Things and Kissing Is Magic [Fun Video Friday]

Welcome to another Fun Video Friday, where we learn why we play games, how kissing is magic, what kids think about dating problems, and we watch a baby giraffe try to stand on its legs. I know, I can't believe we can observe all that stuff, either.

The YouTube Live Stream Tease: Game Developers Conference Causes Rumors

There are some whispers about the availability of YouTube Live Stream for everyone. No, no...we must settle down. Only people who already have it can use it, and it's merely improvements to the service as-is. Still, we'll discuss why this rumor took shape.

Somersby Cider Ad: Hilarious, But Does Low Definition Hurt Its Appeal?

Somersby Cider has made an excellent video spoofing the Apple Store. But does the fact that you can only watch it in 360p hurt its impact? There are a number of factors that go into how people watch video, and a slick, high-quality video isn't always mandatory.

Revision3 on Xbox 360 is a Perfect Match

Revision3 is now on Xbox 360, and considering the terrific Adam Sessler review of Bioshock Infinite on Rev3 Games, then Xbox 360 owners are in for some great content from the network. This app was built especially for the console and works with the Kinect.

A Look Into YouTube’s Content Ratings for Partners

YouTube has played around with Content Ratings for awhile, but only made it available for content classified as "shows" or "movies" that didn't already have a rating. Recently, YouTube made it available for partners to attach color-coded ratings, alerting viewers to potential mature content.

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