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Viacom Comes Up Short Against Google/YouTube In Court Once More

YouTube-Viacom: Round II went to YouTube thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Because YouTube has policies in place that take down copyrighted material when they are told about it, a Federal Court has denied Viacom's appeal.

YouTube Will Show More Videos In Homepage Feeds Coming Soon

YouTube will be changing how you see videos on the home page so that you see more videos in the subscriber box. Apparently taking place next week, the home page will have this new addition and maybe take up some of that white space you've been wondering about since the new layout.

YouTube Verification Badges: So You Know That You’re You

Just in case you have a brand name that could potentially be sullied by copycats pretending to be you, there is a verification badge available through lots of connections with Google Plus and your website and your channel to make sure there's an iron clad identification for you and others.

Cat Vs. Vacuum And Loads of Bacon [Fun Video Friday]

Tons of videos for April 19, 2013 include a cat vs. a vacuum, super talented women, the Dove ad about "real beauty" and a subsequent parody of the Dove ad, Harrison Ford not wanting to talk about Star Wars on Jimmy Kimmel, tons of science, tons of cool...just watch these videos already.

Tribeca’s Vine Video Competition Shows Vine at its Best

Tribeca's #6SecFilms competition has narrowed the entries down to 40 pretty great uses of Vine to tell a story. We have animation, we have well-done "stories" told in 6 seconds, we have lots of people taking the 6-second limitation and spitting in its face!

Four Steps to Great Content from Vimeo’s Video School

What are the things you need to know when you tell a good story, and turn that into great content? Luckily, Stillmotion is going to lend us some tips on what you should be thinking about before you even pick up a camera. This makes things easier on you when you decide that you're going to go on a shoot.

The First Google Glass Videos Hit the Web

The first Google Glass videos have hit the web. Now everybody sit back and criticize their video quality and content! Actually, these are pretty cool, kind of giving us hints at the possibilities of Glass in the future, and we'll likely be seeing some better ones in the next few months.

Twitter Also Looking Up More Video Ads, Not A Shock

It seems like everyone is getting into the video ad game, and news keeps pouring out this week. Twitter is looking to add more video ad dollars to their platform, as they "secretly" talked to Comcast and Viacom about possibly setting up some network TV ads on the site.

Roku Puts the Kibosh on VideoBuzz for Streaming YouTube

Roku has shut down private video channel VideoBuzz for streaming YouTube content on the grounds it was content they did not own. Roku and YouTube haven't exactly gotten along since Roku first came onto the scene, and the fact that a channel providing them got shut down is no surprise.

Facebook Wants $1 Million for Your Intrusive Video Ad

Facebook is looking for $1 million (or at least around a million) for 4 slots of daily ads set to hit the social media site in the summer. The question is: are any brands willing to pay it, and will Facebook users tolerate them? Also, the demographics for the ads Facebook wants are very broad.

YouTube Introduces Silly “Tape Mode” for Select Videos

YouTube, in the neverending quest to be all things to all people, have introduced a "tape mode" to select videos. This is for nostalgia I guess, or something to do to "make things interesting" when you want to just do something crazy with a video that you would never really do.

SMOSH: (Ho-Hum) 9 Million Subs, Another Milestone

Just another 5 weeks for SMOSH, another million subscribers. At this rate, they'll probably have their own cable network before it's over with. SMOSH became the first to 8 million just a short 39 days ago and surpassed Ray William Johnson for "most subscribed" YouTube channel not too long ago.

Epic Videos From Epic People [Fun Video Friday]

We have a ton of epic stuff this week. How animals eat their food, Skrillex vs. Mozart, a 100-pound chocolate bar, Mystery Guitar Man gets stuck in a video game, there are epic ask-outs to prom and formals, Old Spice gives their usual cracked take on 80's soap commercials, CGP Grey talks about The Vatican. Are you not entertained? Watch these, you'll definitely be entertained.

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