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How UCP WORK Charity Connects Their Story to YouTube [Interview]

We talked to Marty Kinrose at UCP WORK, Inc, an affiliate of United Cerebral Palsy that has launched a YouTube channel in the past week. We asked Marty what the challenges of running a charity with no government funding are, and how he hopes YouTube will spread the word.

Killer Robots And Mom Explains The Matrix [Fun Video Friday]

A ton of videos this week have cinematic qualities: a killer robot named Abe, a bunch of killer giant robots and monsters in Pacific Rim, how the Captain America shield is made, and a ton more. Plus the usual comedy and music videos. And VSauce answers the question to why we kiss.

Netflix Loses A Chunk of Content As Studios Switch Alliances

Netflix just lost Warner Bros., MGM, and Universal from its streaming archive, as those studios have now decided to move to Warner Archive Instant. The move illustrates the difficulty a rental service has (not to mention the difficulties consumers have) when it comes to all the different choices created by exclusivity.

MLB Finally Embraces YouTube, In A Way

Major League Baseball has always been stubborn when it comes to finding classic clips and baseball highlights on YouTube. They take down everything someone tries to upload of its sport, and weren't too keen in allowing anyone to see them legally. Now, they're embracing YouTube...but there are still some issues.

Congress Gets YouTube Live Stream

The highly-coveted YouTube Live Stream is being made available to Congress. How will politicians use this new tool to their advantage? Will they use it at all? Who will want to watch politicians talk about anything for an extended period of time? We shall soon see.

Ray William Johnson Throws Down Gauntlet to Maker Studios

Ray William Johnson left Maker Studios back in October 2012, and then...things got ugly. Johnson is claiming that Maker Studios is holding his AdSense account and won't give it back. And now that the original contract has expired, he says he still hasn't gotten it. RWJ to Maker: Lawyer up.

Michael Shannon Goes Delta Gamma [Fun Video Friday]

The Michael Shannon video where he reads the infamous Delta Gamma e-mail is amazing. And so is Will Sasso's Arnold Schwarzenegger Vines all culled together in one YouTube video. And you gotta love Jimmy Kimmel exposing people who think they know every band out there...even if they're made up names.

Outrageous Ads: Hyundai Pulls Video Depicting Attempted Suicide

Hyundai's controversial "Pipe Job" ad has already been pulled. But let's take a look at why this ad doesn't work beyond the controversy. While going edgy has its place, trying to find humor in an extremely specific horrifying situation can be difficult.

YouTube to Have Star-Studded ‘Comedy Week’ in May

YouTube is going to have a good ol' fashioned Comedy Week starting May 19. There will be all kinds of celebrities, Hollywood and YouTube alike, doing live performances, stand-up, pranks, collaborations, musical performances, and more.

Psy’s ‘Gentleman:’ Sophomore Effort Soars, Breaks Records

PSY's "Gangnam Style" is at 1.5 billion views an counting. Really, his next effort, "Gentleman," had nowhere to go but up based on all the goodwill generated by his first song. The second video mirrors the success we see from a lot from sequels in the movie industry.

Will You Be Winking Google Glass Into Operation?

Google Glass developers have found an interesting piece of code to look at and wonder about: winking. Apparently, the new Google Glass will have some sort of "winking" option that will likely give users the ability to wink photos. But we all know that's probably not all it will be if it's true and it takes off.

Annoying Orange Will Get 2nd Season on Cartoon Network May 16

Despite a nearly universal professional loathing of Annoying Orange, the show has proved to be a huge hit on Cartoon Network and is getting a second season starting on May 16. Why is that, you ask? Well, there's the matter of boys aged 6-14. That's why.

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