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Behind The Curtain: Everything I Learned About Video Was from ReelSEO

A bid adieu to ReelSEO as I move on to the wild and wonderful world of YouTube channel management full-time. It was a pleasure getting to know many of you and in my "farewell address," I tell you what makes a good YouTube channel can be found on this very site.

Even Rocky Had A Montage: Social Star Awards Release Epic Montage Video

The Starcount Social Star Awards are on May 23 and they're getting serious: YouTube stars help Jesse Heiman become a YouTube great through the "most epic montage ever montaged." You know it's on when the montage happens. Don't think for one moment it isn't on with a montage.

Space Oddity From Space and Real-Life Facebook: Fun Video Friday

Chris Hadfield's "Space Oddity" highlights Fun Video Friday. But we have a ton more in store: ducks stop a police chase, Epic Meal Time reaches into their horror bag again with a Bacon Arachnid, and Abercrombie & Fitch get their just desserts.

Coming Soon to Vine: New Peanuts Comics

Peanuts Worldwide, a new company that owns the rights to Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" comic strip, has signed Khoa Phan to create 12 "Peanuts" Vines as the company hopes to enter Charlie Brown and the gang back into public consciousness as a movie is planned for 2015.

How Is YouTube Promoting Comedy Week? Highlighting Stars, Being Funny

YouTube's Comedy Week looks like it might be really funny. But they're not relying on merely spreading the word: they've got videos chock full of stars promoting the event. From The Lonely Island to Sarah Silverman to Epic Meal Time to even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ABC Makes Live TV Possible on Any iOS Device

ABC is making their live broadcasts available through their "Watch ABC" app, which is being regarded as a move to combat embattled live-streaming service Aereo. ABC becomes the first major network to make an app available to broadcast all their shows live.

MōVI Cam Stabilizer Is Pricey, But Video Showing It Off Is Awesome

The new MōVI cam stabilizer is still going to be well out of most people's price range, but the video showing it off is perfect for those who can afford it, because it not only informs, it entertains. So even those of us who can't spend $14,995 on an accessory like this can still enjoy it.

Trailer for Arrested Development on Netflix Hits Online

Arrested Development, which re-launches on May 26 on Netflix, has released a trailer for the upcoming goodness. Some of it feels a bit strange, but most of it looks like we've gone back to 2006 and corrected the wrong that this show was ever cancelled.

YouTube Stars to Take Part in Social Star Awards

Starcount, a social media measuring guru, is holding an event called the Social Star Awards on May 23. They enlisted the services of Portal A to create a video for the event starring Harlye Morenstein and the GoDaddy lucky kiss nerd, Jesse Heiman. The event is being held in Singapore.

Shocking Videos (!) Highlight Fun Video Friday

The following videos for May 10 will totally shock you with entertainment value. Compiled here are videos from The Lonely Island, CGP Grey, Rhett & Link, Walk Off the Earth...heck, we even have the trailer for the new Edgar Wright film The World's End here. Enjoy!

China’s Baidu Purchases Video Portal PPS to Compete with the Big Boys

China's Baidu is purchasing video portal PPS and merging it with their iQiyi platform to create the largest video company according to mobile users and watch time. The merger takes place not so long after Youku and Tudou merged to become an online video behemoth.

YouTube Paid Subscription Channels Coming This Week? [Rumor]

The long-rumored YouTube paid subscription channels may be coming as early as this week, according to various reports. We've been hearing about the possible paid channels for several months now, so this is as good a time as any.

Vimeo Gets Its First Exclusive Feature Film with Some Girls

Vimeo Demand will be getting their first feature film on June 28, called Some Girls. Written by Neil LaBute and directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer, the movie stars Kristen Bell, Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, and Emily Watson.

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