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A Day in the Life Of: Head of Brand Partnerships at ATTN:

ATTN:, one of the most impactful video publishers around, works with brands and companies to create engaging, custom content across a variety of media platforms. We talk to its Head of Brand Partnerships about the company’s branded content strategy and how it’s helped ATTN: rank as the #1 publisher on Facebook in terms of 30-day average views.

Top Online Video Creators Across Social: February 2017

According to the latest online video ranking leaderboards from Tubular, BuzzFeed, UNILAD, The LAD BIble, The Daily Mail, and the NBA were some of the top video creators across the big social video platforms in February 2017.

The Top Facebook Video Publishers: February 2017 Most-Popular

UNILAD, The Lad Bible, BuzzFeed's Tasty, Bright Side, and The Daily Mail, were some of the most-watched publishers on Facebook for video content in February 2017. Take a look at the brand new Tubular Leaderboard for top Facebook creators for more information.

8 Killer Content Ideas for Facebook Live Video

Publishers and brands who want to step up their live content game don’t need to look any farther than Facebook Live. We bring you 8 killer content ideas to make the most out of your Facebook Live strategy.

A Day in the Life Of: An Intern at YouTube Channel Funhaus

At one point, everyone in this industry was a newcomer. That’s why here at Tubular we wanted to get the perspective of someone who’s just starting his career in online video and why the industry matters to him, as part of our "Day in the Life of" series. Nick Torchon works as an intern at the YouTube comedy and gaming channel Funhaus, which boasts over 1 million subscribers.
A Day in the Life Of: An Influencer and Brand Ambassador by Bree Brouwer

Cassandra Bankson: A Day in the Life Of an Influencer and Brand Ambassador

The world of online video and influencer marketing can be a tricky one to navigate. Both parties need to match in tone, message, goals, and more if they want to reap the most benefits of their partnership. We talk to superstar influencer Cassandra Bankson on how she works with top brands like Maybelline, Clairol, and NYX.

Bree Brouwer

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