Engagement is a key factor in online video advertising and Auditude and Innovid have teamed up to give you some extra punch in that regard. On the one hand, Auditude is all about video advertising and monetizing online premium video content. Meanwhile, Innovid is all about high-impact pre-roll technologies. Combined, they create a might force to fight crime and, er, no. They create an interesting and potentially powerful offering for both online video content publishers and advertisers.

Innovid has got this iRoll (creatively named, get it? eyeroll &_&) ad unit which is able to offer all manner of extras right in the pre-roll including coupons, links to other videos, product carousels, searchable data feeds and social network sharing. So they offer the viewer a wide range of ways to further engage with the brand as well as spread the word.

Now slap that onto some premium video content which the viewer is eager to see and you have some potentially dedicated viewers that will sit through the pre-rolls to get to the content they want. On top of that, if the ad content is matched well with the premium content then you might even get some interesting interactions out of those viewers.

Auditude, for their part in the partnership, will expand their pre-roll offerings thanks to the iRoll technology and already have a major CPG brand lined up.

Here’s Jeremy Helfand, CEO of Auditude:

“Brands are looking for innovative advertising formats that grab audience attention and,
therefore, generate higher engagement. By working with Innovid, we can offer one of the most effective and innovative interactive video ad units in the market. The combination of compelling, interactive ad units and high-quality content creates greater brand recall for marketers and a superior ad experience for our technology partners.”

By partnering with Innovid, AMG will provide its top-tier roster of brand advertisers with enhanced technology around premium in-stream video.

So if you’re looking for some premium content to place your ads against, or if you’ve got premium content you’re looking to better monetize, you might want to check out Auditude and their new Innovid iRoll offerings.