YouTube loves dropping casual news items on Friday, usually without any fanfare whatsoever. Like earlier today when they announced HD Preview Images and the ability to remove the YouTube logo from embedded video clips. And I guess they had one more announcement to make before their week was done: the creation of “As Seen On” pages

“As Seen On” pages are like little curated museums of the videos embedded by specific websites and blogs. So, every video we embed from YouTube here on ends up on our “As Seen On” page, which looks like this:

They’ve set these up for a ton of sites that embed a lot of video. Like TechCrunch, or CuteOverload, or Gizmodo, or Huffington Post. The YouTube blog says they built the pages by crawling the feeds of sites that embed a lot of video, so at least some portion of this is automated, if not all of it. But it’s still very cool. Sadly, there’s no mention of how many of these there are, or a master list of “As Seen On” pages.

Nevertheless, this is a great way to get a quick overview of the kinds of videos posted by a particular site. It’s also a good way to skip the text and just consume the videos shared by that site, if you’re not a text kind of person.

The “As Seen On” links that you’ve probably seen just below the view count on YouTube video pages will now begin forwarding to these “As Seen On” pages–rather than sending visitors off YouTube to the embedding site. While some websites would no doubt prefer the direct link, I think YouTube is offering a nice middle ground. They’ve created a custom curated video page, essentially, just for that site. They get to keep the traffic on YouTube, but the website owner gets the viewer’s undivided attention with a special feed of only the videos they’ve embedded and linked to.

Website owners can also learn about their own video-embedding habits by perusing their own “As Seen On” page. And some, I imagine, will even begin to keep these pages in mind when deciding which videos to embed moving forward.