Last week, Apple released a video that, this time…isn’t some typical “everything is white!” ad.  The goal of video marketers is to be emotionally compelling, the ability to show that the product featured can enrich or enhance someone’s life somehow, especially with those who need it most.  Apple’s video, called “Making A Difference…One App at a Time,” shows the people who have benefited from forward-thinking apps that enhances their lives in some way.  The result is an amazing dramatic piece of video, something that not only compels viewers to seek out such amazing apps, but to create them as well.

Hat tip, Laughing Squid.

Apple’s ‘Making A Difference’ Video

This is the non-cynical version of “There’s an app for that” (circa 2009).  This is one where we’re not checking the weather or calories in grilled chicken or where we parked the car.  These are people who can truly enhance their lives through apps.

It’s been a tremendous year for dramatic, emotionally resonant ads since the Super Bowl.  With Budweiser, Ram, and Dove leading the way in 2013, the attempt to inspire has become a huge selling point.

Since being released on June 12, “Making A Difference” has a modest 191,000 views.  It’s not the typical multi-million-view video we see from Apple when they announce a new product or release a traditional commercial.  There’s something oddly comforting about that: these views are likely organic, as opposed to the assisted-by-pre-roll view counts of many YouTube ads.  The nearly 10-minute running time has something to do with that, but it’s still refreshing to see this kind of video marketing.