Back in November, we were fortunate to be the media sponsors for The BIA Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media Conference where we caught up with several of the leading local online video platforms focused on providing online video marketing and video production services for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).  One of the premiere platform solutions in the space that we have covered previously, is that of Mixpo.

Mixpo is an online video marketing/advertising platform that is designed to provide turnkey video marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  Mixpo has developed a proprietary technology platform that leverages the power of video to drive action and deliver measurable results for SMBs.   Their business model is one that enables publishers and other partners to resell the solution to SMBs.  Unlike Spotmixer and Jivox, Mixpo does not provide services directly to SMBs via self-service.  We posted an in-depth overview of Mixpo’s offering here.

I had the pleasure of speaking again with my friend, the CEO of Mixpo, Anupam Gupta.  Prior to leading Mixpo, Anupam spent 8 years as a senior business leader in Microsoft’s online services group and was responsible for launching Microsoft’s popular MSN messenger product. I asked Anupam to tell us how important search visibility is for SMB videos

“It is very important…  They (our partners) are saying,  ‘Hey, we will get you found in search engines as a part of this integrated package.  Because you, as a small business, don’t really have the sophistication to put these different things together, you need someone to do it for you’.  Search is an important part of that, especially if it is organic search… and video certainly does a great job in optimizing for that organic presence. “

Anupam also talks about the difference in performance of traditional banner ads vs. video banner ads.

“What we have seen is… static display ads, as we know it today, is going to go down, and is going to be changed to more engaging, immersive, rich formats of ads.  We think that video, delivered via display ads, is the way that the industry is going to go.  We also know that a video ad is a lot more complex as an ad unit than a simple banner.  In a video, the metrics are different….  We see that the view rates of video are really high.  People are watching them for a long time, regardless of what the length of the video is…  The conversions are actually pretty good.  As with any advertiser, what you need to think about is whether or not the call to actions are clear.”

Thanks to Anupam for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO ;-)