This should be no surprise, and honestly, most of us don’t quite get the super success of Annoying Orange.  But boys 6-14 do.  And the incredible march of The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange will continue on May 16 for a second season on Cartoon Network.  I think Annoying Orange is the best example of “knowing your audience,” because people like me who are looking for great examples of branding, or web series success, can’t quite get into the show.  And the reviews for the TV show have been the same.  Fortunately for Dane Boedigheimer, those 6-14 year-old-boys don’t read those reviews or care what old critics say about the show.

Annoying Orange Annoys Its Way to a Second Season

When Annoying Orange first got a TV deal, it was only going to last 6 episodes.  But the premiere drew over 2 million viewers and was the #1 broadcast during the day for boys.  It originally was going to have 6 episodes.  Then that grew to 15.  Then it was a full-season of 26.  And Cartoon Network then ordered even more, to the tune of 65 total so far.  30 have aired.

The YouTube channel has continued to go strong as well, as Dane Boedigheimer continues to crank out content.  Here’s the most recent, if you can take it for any longer than 10 seconds:

But as I mentioned long ago, I feel like there’s a certain genius to the whole thing, even though it can be a grating experience on your eyes and ears.  It’s amazing, continued success that keeps chugging along.