Brands may have some kind of idea how well a video campaign is going, but what about the competition?  Are you crushing them, or is it the other way around?  And how can you ensure that your campaigns are staying competitive, or what can you learn from others that will make them soar?  Our friends at Unruly are announcing Unruly Analytics today for that purpose and more.  Now available in open beta, the new platform has 7 years worth of data for videos shared across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.  The platform will come in two editions and can be updated virtually in real time.

Unruly Announces Analytics to Keep A Leg Up on Competition

The new platform will come in two editions: Benchmark, which measures a “brand’s social footprint” against the competition, and Campaign, which offers insight in real time measuring overall performance and ROI.

Based on predictions made by ZenithOptmedia, internet ad spending will grow to $10 billion by 2015 and will account for 59% of the growth in total ad spending from 2012-2015.  And with that kind of growth, Unruly feels there is a need to be able to keep up with the rapidly changing environment that will create.  So, the new Unruly Analytics is cloud-based, where the data is collected every 60 seconds to give brands an accurate assessment of how their campaign is going up-to-the-minute.

Of course, what Unruly is touting here is the ability to see how the competition is doing, as illustrated here:


With this tool you can see how the competition is doing with their engagement: views, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, blog mentions, and tweets.

The other big announcement with Unruly Analytics is the addition of historical and real-time analysis, where brands can look at data by previous quarter, last year, or in the past 24 hours.

The platform has 7 years worth of data behind it and Unruly already tracks 1300 brands, which means when if you ever want to sign up for their platform, chances are they already have some great data for you to analyze before you even tell them what video campaign you want to be tracked.

The new platform is being used to help construct the current Unruly Viral Video Chart, which is a useful tool for understanding what kinds of videos are being shared all over the web.  With information using Analytics, Unruly was able to discover which verticals were doing best over the Q1 period for 2013:

unruly analytics vertical

And they were able to compare it to the previous quarter in 2012:

unruly vertical comparison

The “entertainment” vertical was #1, mainly because of two trailers for Fast & the Furious 6, which sickens me on a personal level, but Unruly was there to track it.  I wish I could change that data and find a way to make it not be true, but the data doesn’t lie. And because of Q1’s deep ties with the Super Bowl, many of the ads we’ve discussed before show up in this report, along with the recent Pepsi “Test Drive” ad that dominated last month.

If you want to take a look at the full white paper (Unruly Social Video Report) on the data discovered during the Q1 period, you can click here to find that.  For more about Unruly Analytics you can see that here.