Erick Tran has been the lead artist on the blockbuster TV series The Simpsons for 15 years.  Now, he looks to get funding for his new animated web series, “Urban Reggie,” through Kickstarter, a site where people can learn about a creative project and decide whether they want to donate money to it in return for incentives, and general happiness that they might get from helping out.  Through Kickstarter, people have total control over their projects.  The challenge: “Urban Reggie” needs to collect $100,000 before November 8 or else the funding doesn’t come through.

“Urban Reggie” is about two brothers, Reggie and Pepe, trying to make it in Hollywood by any means necessary.  It will focus on all the crazy stuff that they try to do just to earn a living, before hopefully they become stars.  Humor will be found in the two trying to acclimate themselves in a new town, especially one as distinctive as Hollywood.  Of course, the two don’t have any real talent and will find getting by in such a place to be extremely difficult.  Here’s Tran’s pitch for the series on Kickstarter:

Tran has worked as an assistant director, animator, story artist, merchandising designer, and video game consultant for The Simpsons, and he’s going to have a crack team of Emmy-award winning artists and animators on this show if it gets off the ground.  I would hope that the people Tran knows within the Simpsons universe could help him out if things start looking bleak.  I mean, even with all the pay cuts that have been happening on the show in the past month, those guys aren’t exactly hurting.  Anyway, it will be nice to see Tran hit his goal and hopefully we’ll get to see his unique vision soon.