Hey, you know what might be one of the best television shows ever?  Breaking Bad.  You know what DISH customers will be unable to watch this Sunday, July 15?  The Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere.  Chris Rick discussed the whole carriage war thing yesterday, and how that might benefit online viewing in the future. And then, almost on cue, I saw that AMC will be streaming the Breaking Bad premiere online in response to DISH dropping the channel.  All DISH customers will have to do is go to the website and register to watch it, starting today.  Then they can watch it when everyone else does…online.

AMC Streaming the Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere For Free

And well, it looks like almost anyone will be able to do this because there’s no real way to verify if you’re a DISH customer or not.  But you know what I find interesting?  This is an absolutely this-means-war moment for AMC because of this statement on the website:

Dish customers, this special screening of the Breaking Bad season premiere is a one-time-only event, so you don’t miss the start of the season.  To see the rest of the season, switch television providers now.

Which means an end to this dispute isn’t in sight and AMC is now leveraging one of their most popular shows to try to get people to leave DISH.  That’s a ballsy move, and on the offensive.  That sounds like they’ve cut ties altogether and there will never be a reconciliation, or hey, just good old-fashioned gamesmanship from AMC during the fight.

Anyway, to get prepared for the Breaking Bad premiere, take a look at this beautiful montage of Breaking Bad‘s POV shots posted on YouTube earlier this year.  It’s a wonderful thing to behold: