Amazon is getting into this original series game with Zombieland: The Series, based on the surprise 2009 hit movie.  But there is a giant chasm between what Amazon is doing and what Netflix is doing, and it simply comes down to name recognition.  Amazon just released a trailer for Zombieland yesterday and I saw stories on it from Tubefilter and I09 talking about it, and there is a prevailing sentiment that something is odd about the series.  It looks funny, but there’s something strange.  Well, what’s strange is that there aren’t any recognizable faces, something that Netflix took care of with their original series.

Amazon’s Zombieland Trailer

The pilot episode is now available on Amazon Instant.  And so far, it’s being disliked to the tune of 2:1.  Of course, it’s difficult to get people who love a movie with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and a cameo by Bill Murray to all the sudden fall in love with this new cast of characters.  But if you watch it without comparison to the original (difficult for sure), it has some pretty funny moments in it.

But this is where Netflix has “pulled ahead” at the beginning of the online original TV series “war.”  With the resurrection of Arrested Development, of course the original cast is there.  With House of Cards, they spent good money to ensure they got a series with names like David Fincher and Kevin Spacey backing it.  If you want to compete with the “big boys” like HBO, you’re probably going to have to spend some money.  Still, I’d like to see how this Zombieland series ultimately fares.  We’ll likely never get real numbers, but I’m going to guess that the series will be a cult hit at least.