While out casting my net in hopes of finding something interesting to tell you all about, I ran across a recent video over at the Kaltura Blog that was talking about Video Analytics best practices and I thought, gee, that’s some interesting stuff. Especially since my earlier video analytics article this week got such a great response.

Girish Bettadpur, Sr. Product Manager at Akamai sat down with Kaltura and discussed some things he sees as being of vital importance in regards to video analytics at the Kaltura DevConnect conference last month.

Girish breaks video analytics down to two pieces; context and monitoring. He also talks about the impact that all these new connected devices are going to make on your analytics, etc. TV Everywhere is expanding and Ultraviolet is expanding which all means more eyes online in the long run.

One of the things Akamai is doing is user feedback to make sure they are tweaking the delivery of the content to maximize user experience satisfaction.

Check out the whole video and get some insight into how often you might want to check your analytics and some different strategies for keeping an eye on them and changing things.