Adobe’s “Nordic” channel posted a video Friday that blasted off to 9 million views over the weekend.  It’s a simple concept, and for the first time that I can remember, the prank isn’t about scaring the heck out of someone.  Oh sure, this prank probably made some people a little self-conscious, but it allowed the targets to have a little fun at the same time (at least, the ones we actually get to see).  Overall, though, it’s the type of ad we love here at ReelSEO: it lets people know about a product and an event, while giving the viewer something worthwhile to watch.

Adobe’s Photoshop Live: Street Retouch Prank

While pranks that “scare” can be a lot of fun, I enjoy the change-of-pace brought by this prank.  It’s probably initially a startling surprise to see your image pop up on a bus shelter display, but the individuals we see here really seem to have fun with it.  It manages to show what Photoshop can do while informing viewers of an event called Adobe Creative Days taking place tomorrow (June 11) in Finland.

As always, in the online video realm, finding a use for your product and making it part of a well-thought-out “plot” usually rules.  It’s the best way to cater to the online audience without directly selling to them.