Adobe is known for providing powerful software to produce quality videos.  Their editing software, Adobe Premiere, and special effects application, After Effects, are commonly-used programs by pros and aspiring filmmakers alike.  Now, Adobe is getting into another phase of a video’s life: monetization, with the acquisition of Auditude, a company specializing in the optimization and monetization of video content across a number of platforms.  Their roster of clients include Major League Baseball, Comcast, Fox News, DailyMotion and others.

Adobe Acquires Auditude, Moving Into Monetization?

You’ve got to love these press releases when such an acquisition occurs, because everyone speaks in broad terms about what they can do.  In effect, Auditude finds a website like Major League Gaming, a site dedicated to showing live streams of video game tournaments, and then finds advertising to play during the live stream.  The ads can be full-length video commercials or overlays, depending on what the client needs and if the client’s product makes sense on the site.  They are a service that finds the perfect marriage of video content provider and ads, so that a site like Major League Gaming gets money in return for advertising, and companies who advertise get exposure in places beyond television and print.

Here’s former CEO Adam Cahan talking about what Auditude does:

One thing Auditude is proud of is the ability to place ads on a variety of platforms.  With Adobe’s other products, such as Flash and Adobe Pass, which can allow for a variety of ads across a number of video applications, ads can be produced with less bandwidth and reduces the burden on networks.  Thus, no doubt ads can be produced with less overhead.

With this acquisition, Adobe can now effectively be involved with a video’s entire life outside of production.  An ad agency can use their products to create the video ad, then continue to use them when it comes to finding spots to place the ad.  It has the potential to strengthen Adobe’s standing in the video world.  Once just a player in video creation and web applications, Adobe now gets into the business side of video.