Joost sounds like juiced, get it? They juiced their online video ad offerings? Ah, forget it. The fact of the matter is that they have got a whole new line of things that might interest erstwhile online video advertisers including eight fancy new ways to play.

The new j-Series is a suite of in-banner video advertising products from adconion’s Joost Video Network. Each of the eight j-Series products provide a powerful tool for all advertisers and brand marketers looking to capitalize their online video campaigns in effective, innovative and intuitive ways.

Sure, adconion might not presently be in the top 10 online video ad networks according to comScore but we all know they still have lots of reach and potential.

The j-Series will serve video ads on Adconion’s Joost Video Network of over 2,000 premium publishers in more than 70 markets worldwide. Coupled with Adconion’s unparalleled global sales force, account management and media teams as well as Adconion’s regional video specialists, j-Series is the “must buy” video ad offering for the upcoming heavy holiday shopping season.

New j-Series Video Ad Products Include:


  • Allows geo-location display directly into the video ad unit
  • Map locator connects to Google Maps for easy retail locator and directions
  • Drive offline traffic with online traffic


  • Allows multiple products to be displayed and purchased directly from within the video ad unit
  • Increase time spent as viewers browse the carousel


  • Unique coupon code display at the end of the video allows tracking ability of viewers who responded to the offer
  • Give viewers an incentive to complete the purchase transaction started from the video ad unit


  • Offers various methods to share and “social media-ize” video content with others
  • Opportunity to make the video content go viral on the Internet


  • Able to put games directly into the expanded banner so that viewers can play without ever leaving the ad
  • Increases interactivity, engagement and brand awareness with the campaign


  • Allows polling capabilities directly within the expanded video as unit
  • Provides immediate poll results to viewers which increases engagement and brand awareness


  • Able to view multiple videos all within one expanded video ad unit
  • Allows viewers to consume more content, and thus increase brand awareness from just one expansion

j-Pick 6

  • Allows a combination of any six functionalities listed above within the expanded video ad unit

Check out all the options and example at the J-Series page. Sorry, there was no way to just embed them here or I would have done that for you.

It’s certainly a robust set of offerings and while it might not appeal to many, there are some potentially interesting things that could be done there. Polling, coupons, commerce and social could certainly combine into a powerful solution.

For example: You begin a campaign for a new product and poll the viewers about what options/colors they might like to see in the new line. Then you follow up with a coupon that allows them to get a discount on the product which they can use right away from the video player via the commerce package. When the sale goes through it could publish something to the social networks like “I just bought the newest book from Christophor Rick via Amazon,” or something. Hey, it could work.

I can see a far cooler use of that polling option, but I don’t know that I want to share it. Anyone looking for some cheap creative video campaign ideas can ping me and I’ll share, for a price. Maybe I’ll just hook up with them and do a cool demo of what could be achieved.