video advertisingThis past week at the Streaming Media East conference in New York City, I had the privilege of speaking with the CEO of, Amir Ashkinazi. Prior to forming, Amir was a founder and the CTO of Amir told me all about their open universal video advertising solution and platform, OneSource. The OneSource publisher integrates multiple advertising networks with tracking and optimization functionalities that help publishers make the most of online video advertising and monetization.

Here is an overview of, how it was started, and what it offers to publishers today: started out as a consumer oriented business but over time realized it had the skills and software to turn itself into a platform for advertisers to get their product on the web, have those video ads noticed and fully searchable. Now prides themselves on being a full-service platform for content publishers thanks to their internal technologies and thanks to. Their “search inside” technology, which allows consumers to jump right to what they are looking for in a video, is in use at big name sites such as CNET, Tech Republic and BNet.

The ‘search inside’ technology utilizes speech recognition combined with searching the video as a whole as well as the internal portions of the video itself. This helps to keep consumers focused on a particular video ad and find exactly what they are looking for. This increases the usefulness and popularity of the video as well as the potential for conversion. is a universal online video ad platform that wants to be the interface between publishers and ad networks. Via OneSource, you can have videos delivered to your site from all major ad networks and have it optimized so you get the highest revenue possible. With one account and one platform your website could be showing video advertisements from a variety of ad networks including Google, pulse 360, Amazon and more. places the ads based on your settings which determine the format, network, placement and frequency so that it is optimized to suit your needs. The detailed reports offered to publishers means you know how many ads are being seen, who is seeing them and how much revenue is being generated. Ads are analyzed by the technology for content, rating and context. It then knows where best to place those ads and to whom to show them to.

What hopes to accomplish is to merge a diverse array of formats, networks and integrations into one simple control panel for publishers. Instead of having to maintain a dozen different accounts, multiple video formats and players, settings and tracking packages, hopes publishers will find their service a gateway to all their video advertising needs. By gathering all the largest video ad networks into one place it hopes that publishers will see the value in only having to look to one place to fulfill revenue generation from video ads.

For ad networks and advertisers means maximum reach and ad placement with minimal effort. They also hope to achieve the best optimization possible so that the video ads turn into conversions and revenue for the advertisers and networks. By rating all content, helps find the appropriate audiences for those video ads. This means better targeted viewers and higher potential conversion. Their internal technology will create a higher level of user interaction due in part to the higher relevancy of the ads to the content on the publisher site. The system also learns as it goes and continually optimizes the placement of ads by looking at past behavior trends and performance in order to ensure that the high relevancy is maintained.

With over 30 million unique visitors per month viewing content from it has a wide base for advertisers and is currently serving millions of videos per day. Among the publishers in the network are Metacafe, GoFish and more.