A new report states that 56% of viewers skip video ads most of the time. While this statistic may not come as a surprise to anyone in the industry, more encouraging news comes in the form of 20% of respondents confirming that they are prepared to sit through video ads, and 24% of those questioned indicating that great video ad content will make them stick around until the end. The report, “Online Video: Look Who’s Watching Now” from Adroit Digital, also asked for feedback regarding optimal video ad length, and the shorter the better rings true for 46% of those who took part.

Highlights of The Report: Video Advertising and the Consumer

  • 56% of respondents confirmed they skip online video ads most of the time. 24% let the online video ad content determine if they would skip the ad.
  • 46% of respondents felt that 15 seconds or under was the optimal length for a video advertisement. 35% indicated the optimal length to be 16 to 30 seconds. 19%, believed 31 seconds or over was the optimal length.

Video Ads: Who Skips and Who Watches

Adroit-skip-online-video-adsRespondents to the study were asked about their position on video advertising, and 64% of 18 to 24 year olds confirmed that they were very likely to skip online video advertising content. However, the 35 to 44 year old demographic were least likely to skip a video ad, which is encouraging for brands targeting that group.

24% stated that the actual content of the video had was a huge factor in deciding whether they would skip or not. That’s a significant number, and advertisers who take the time to create compelling and relevant content that isn’t overly sales-orientated are benefiting from increased user engagement.

Of all the respondents, 56% said they skip online video ads most of the time.

20% of those asked confirmed that they were willing to sit through an ad most of the time

Consumers Confirm Optimal Time for a Video Ad

Adroit-optimal-length-video-adRespondents were asked to confirm the optimal length for a video ad, and 46% stated that, ideally, an ad should run for around 15 seconds. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who monitors viewer retention. In this fast-paced world, with so many distractions, advertisers need to capture their audience’s attention within the first few seconds, or they risk losing them altogether.

However, 35% of respondents indicated that they were prepared to sit through an ad that was up to twice the length, at 16 to 30 seconds.

19% stated that 31 seconds or over was the optimal length, and presumably means that they would be prepared to watch the who thing. Just 6% confirmed that video ad of a minute or over were the right length. Savvy advertisers could, of course, take advantage of each preference and release video ad content of different lengths across different platforms, that targets a certain demographic.


The survey targeted a random sample of United States consumers who self-identified as 18 years of age or older and owning a television, smartphone, and personal computer or laptop. The study garnered 2,000 completed surveys and can be downloaded here (registration required).